Gavin Robinson’s lost afternoon

On 24th March I attended a meeting, addressed by Tobias Ellwood and attended by , seemingly , a wide range of people , including victims of Libyan supplied Semtex.

Elwood, he who told the Commons that on a salary of almost £90,000, he was having to watch the pennies, tried to establish his bona fides with us by telling how his brother was killed in the Bali bombing and how he , Tobias, had served as a soldier in Northern Ireland and was almost shot.

The big message which his masters in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office had given him to deliver was that HMG had no intention of making any effort to access £9.4 billion of Libyan assets, held in the UK.

Speaker after speaker criticised this position and HMG’s lack of activity. Not one politician joined in the criticism, neither Robinson, Paisley, Elliott or Kinahan. Voters should be aware of that. At the end of the meeting they fell over themselves to thank Ellwood and have their photograph taken with him. [Organised by Frazer]

I asked Ellwood to go to the UN Security Council and have the resolution , freezing assets, amended. Toby is practising the Big Tory Putdown. He scoffed and asked me did I think that Russia and China would support that. Why not? Why not try?

The mood of the meeting was summed up by Jim Allister MLA who told Ellwood that he had no plan for victims and that his purpose in addressing us was to keep us under control in case we rocked the diplomatic boat and big business in the UK did not get lucrative contracts in the new Libya.

So where did Gav get his impression of “positive ministerial engagement” Assuming that Gav was not able to make up his own mind or was perhaps asleep throughout the meeting, he was relying on none other than Willie Frazer. Willie, who never misses an opportunity to witter, except when Martin McGuinness is in the room, told the meeting that he had had a private meeting with Ellwood and that it was the first meeting with a minister that he had not been thrown out of. This is classic Willie. Establish your credentials as a no nonsense man of the people. A rabble rouser who is a thorn in the side of the establishment. Do you remember Paisley doing that , while all the while negotiating behind backs?

It’s interesting that a man with terrorist connections can be afforded a private meeting with a British Government minister. Times have not changed. I wonder what was discussed?

Perhaps Robinson would like to tell us what he thought was positive. The suggestion that once a new UN backed, unelected government is imposed in Libya and all the militias are bribed or killed, a committee of the Libyan government will have a think about compensating us? How likely is that in the lifetime of any existing victim?

Perhaps it’s another example of the Unionists cosying up to the Tories. Perhaps some have aspirations to do business in Libya or have mates who want to do so. Perhaps Jeffrey, Her Majesty’s Trade Envoy to Egypt, has a hand in it. Who knows?

Will big Gav tell us or even make a really angry speech about it?

Whom to trust?

When I was a boy, long time ago now, I used to go for walks with my Dad on  a Sunday morning. One thing he said , which struck me was ‘note how many trade union leaders become Lords’.

This started me on the path of believing that  nothing is ever as it seems.

If I were the controller of MI5 I would seek to bring within my purview every renegade and rebel in the Kingdom. I would black mail them with their peccadilloes . Sex, money, drugs, terrorism [that should cover most Ulster politicians].

Which brings me to Willie Frazer.

I have tried to love Willie, God knows.

I have followed his talking head series.

I have watched him pop up in every conceivable point of tension in the Six Counties.

I have followed his dyslexic ramblings.

I have hoped for a successful  outcome to just one of the many causes that he has espoused.

Willie was of course identified by the High Court as an associate of loyalist terrorist organisations. See re F 2005 NI 280.

Why is it that he reminds me of the unionists of old who promised the stars and delivered nothing? Think of the recent documentary on the shooting of an entirely innocent man on the Shankill Road. Which unionist ever took up that case?

Let’s consider the killings at Kingsmills. Nothing that Willie has done over the last several years has produced one document to assist the families. Now, after threats to march in Dublin and reports that he was bought off, the initial hearing into the deaths has produced nothing.

The outcome for the families? Nothing.

The consequence for Willie? He continues to rampage about without any visible means of support.

Or perhaps I’m being too naive…….


God moves in a mysterious way…

…….His wonders to perform….

After Hymn singing in Ballymena and poor manners exhibited by Robinson in East Belfast, I wonder why God deserted the DUP in South Antrum?

I suspect that the answer is that reasonably liberal unionists wanted the same and a man who showed some personal interest in the constituency.

Onwards now with Danny, not an intellectual giant but a decent man. Willie will have more time for pastoring and singing.

Onwards too with the final push for justice for my parents and for compensation for hundreds of families affected by Libyan Semtex.

Meanwhile in Frazerworld, not a sign of a document  from the ROI or an inquest, just the same old bigotry.

Willy Fraser

Pondering my blogs this evening and wondering about the future of loyalist victims, I turned my  mind to Willy  Frazer.

What has he done for victims in his locale? Or anywhere in Northern Ireland?

The answer is that I don’t know, but undoubtedly he will tell me.

When I spoke to him he was very keen to tell me how much money he had spent , progressing the claims of victims..

Not mine gov….

Libya and William Frazer

Mr Frazer, who is apparently a loyalist campaigner of sorts , rang me today to complain about comments allegedly made about him on my blog. He said that he had not seen them but people had contacted him. I undertook to examine my blog and to delete any message which may be considered  abusive or libellous. I could find only one item which referred to him at all. It was from “Mike Gambit”, not his real name I’m sure. He wondered why “the self proclaimed victims [sic] champion isn’t spitting nails over this issue”.

This seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable comment.

Stopping there, readers may wonder what the relationship is between me and Mr Frazer.

The answer is -absolutely none. I am a claimant on a writ issued in a court in the USA. My lawyers are Motley Rice of South Carolina. So , of Mr Frazer I have had no need.

Anyway , if one scrolls back in time to October 2011 , here is what the Sunday Times proclaimed.

“Libya will pay out to IRA victims”

Mr Frazer is quoted in that journal : “the deal has been agreed and the victims or their surviving families will receive between £2 million and £3 million each”

Three years on , nobody has seen a penny. Mr Frazer, in conversation with me , blamed the British Government for going back on their word. Bizzarely, this is the first I have heard of this.

His conversation was vaguely threatening, but he might just have been put up to that by others.

Fact is , I don’t threaten easily , especially about my parents’ murders.

He also criticised me for potentially queering a deal . I asked him if a deal was imminent. he said it was not.

I’m still trying to understand what he has done in the last three years to remedy the ‘betrayal’ by HMG.

Northern Ireland loyalists have had their share of carpetbaggers and charlatans in the last fifty years.

My claim relates to the brutal murder of my parents in 1990.

Any compensation would go substantially to my daughter who has had to live with the consequences of the incident, all her life.

Money is important to all victims.

For me? I have a separate action against the state for complicity in my parents’ murders.

I do not need to be rung up by a self proclaimed “loyalist” to be reminded of my responsibilities.

The tragedy is that republicans will continue to get away with it and all the posturing by Willy Frazer, if he is genuine,  is to naught.