Martin McGuinness a sense of outrage?

Given the remarks by participants in BBC Spotlight and previous accusations by me and others, what does it take for McGuinness to be arrested and questioned?

You might think that the DUP and the UUP would be outraged on behalf of their constituents but they are silent. I wonder why?

Will this community never face the truth?

Let me be clear, as politicians are keen to say.

Martin McGuinness is a multiple murderer who was in charge of northern command PIRA and a member of the army council. He probably retains those roles.

He was instrumental in the killing of my parents. He has been accused of all these matters before yet he has not chosen to contest the allegations in court.

I wonder does he have an assurance from the state that he will not be prosecuted?

Shall we ask Barra McGrory, his former lawyer? Now , God help us , Director of [some] Public Prosecutions.

God moves in a mysterious way…

…….His wonders to perform….

After Hymn singing in Ballymena and poor manners exhibited by Robinson in East Belfast, I wonder why God deserted the DUP in South Antrum?

I suspect that the answer is that reasonably liberal unionists wanted the same and a man who showed some personal interest in the constituency.

Onwards now with Danny, not an intellectual giant but a decent man. Willie will have more time for pastoring and singing.

Onwards too with the final push for justice for my parents and for compensation for hundreds of families affected by Libyan Semtex.

Meanwhile in Frazerworld, not a sign of a document  from the ROI or an inquest, just the same old bigotry.

Why I’m voting for Danny

In South Antrim , voters have only two serious candidates for Westminster. The Reverend Doctor William McCrea, politician, blow in from Mid Ulster, pastor, singer and invisible man.

The other is Daniel de Burgh Kinahan, Big House Unionist.

McCrea, in my personal experience , has done nothing for victims and precious little for anyone else.

Empey got within 1183 votes of him the last time.

Kinahan appears to have been a busy MLA. He voted for same sex marriage though his response to me on abortion was vague and evasive.

It’s dispiriting that in the twenty first century , choices are still as limited as fifty years ago.

So, with not a pro-union left wing candidate in contention, it’s Castle Upton for me, rather than Clan McCrea.