Libya and William Frazer

Mr Frazer, who is apparently a loyalist campaigner of sorts , rang me today to complain about comments allegedly made about him on my blog. He said that he had not seen them but people had contacted him. I undertook to examine my blog and to delete any message which may be considered  abusive or libellous. I could find only one item which referred to him at all. It was from “Mike Gambit”, not his real name I’m sure. He wondered why “the self proclaimed victims [sic] champion isn’t spitting nails over this issue”.

This seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable comment.

Stopping there, readers may wonder what the relationship is between me and Mr Frazer.

The answer is -absolutely none. I am a claimant on a writ issued in a court in the USA. My lawyers are Motley Rice of South Carolina. So , of Mr Frazer I have had no need.

Anyway , if one scrolls back in time to October 2011 , here is what the Sunday Times proclaimed.

“Libya will pay out to IRA victims”

Mr Frazer is quoted in that journal : “the deal has been agreed and the victims or their surviving families will receive between £2 million and £3 million each”

Three years on , nobody has seen a penny. Mr Frazer, in conversation with me , blamed the British Government for going back on their word. Bizzarely, this is the first I have heard of this.

His conversation was vaguely threatening, but he might just have been put up to that by others.

Fact is , I don’t threaten easily , especially about my parents’ murders.

He also criticised me for potentially queering a deal . I asked him if a deal was imminent. he said it was not.

I’m still trying to understand what he has done in the last three years to remedy the ‘betrayal’ by HMG.

Northern Ireland loyalists have had their share of carpetbaggers and charlatans in the last fifty years.

My claim relates to the brutal murder of my parents in 1990.

Any compensation would go substantially to my daughter who has had to live with the consequences of the incident, all her life.

Money is important to all victims.

For me? I have a separate action against the state for complicity in my parents’ murders.

I do not need to be rung up by a self proclaimed “loyalist” to be reminded of my responsibilities.

The tragedy is that republicans will continue to get away with it and all the posturing by Willy Frazer, if he is genuine,  is to naught.

4 thoughts on “Libya and William Frazer

  1. I seem to recall a press release Mr Frazer published on his site at the tail end of 2009 in which he claimed the victims had won the case….in fact here it is here;

    Click to access libyanewsletterFINA1.pdf

    Fast forward then to 2011 where we have Willie yet again announcing that the victims had won the case;

    Well what went wrong Willie? I have seen plenty of articles about you in the Newsletter giving off about this and that but where is the media about the Libya case? Why haven’t you taken your legal team to task over what seems to be two very public cases of defeat being snatched from the jaws of victory? Why aren’t you protesting outside Downing Street Willie? Why try to silence those speaking out on this issue?
    Allow me to give you a reality check Willie, from your website this all started in 2001. In 2006 you met with Jason McCue to have the case heard in the U.S. In 2009 you announce the deal has been done. Not a penny appears for the victims. In 2011 you yet again announce that the deal is done. Not a penny appears for the victims. It is now 2015 Willie.
    How many of the people from the writ have died since 2009 when you first anounced this had been concluded? Why, seemingly, did the “deal” fall through not once but TWICE!?!?! Why are you reluctant to answer questions regarding this Willie?


  2. I would challenge William Frazer to watch a youtube video he himself uploaded and not come to the conclusion that
    1- The innocent victims have been let down
    2- His legal team dropped the ball

    Well William, nearly ten years after you and McCue started the case proper and you are seemingly no further forward. In fact judging to the lack of press interest you have actually gone backward. I confidently predict that this will be used as a case study by universities the world over as a prime example of how NOT to do it!


  3. What no rebuttal from Willie? Incredible, Willie Frazer, the man whi loves getting his face on the TV or in the paper has nothing to say about how the victims have been let down! Twice Willie, Twice you have announced the deal was done, getting the victims hopes up and then…..nothing. What is the hold up Willie? Who is it playing silly games, you? Your legal team? I find it very hard to digest that you can go, twice, from deal done to….silence. If it is the government who have betrayed the victims as you told Mr Sefton then why no media? It doesn’t take much for you to get a few column inches in the Newsletter or a video on youtube so why the silence?
    Why have you not even told the victims what the hold up is Willie? What about the victims who have died whilst people have been playing games with this issue? What about the victims who continue to suffer? What about Gemma Berazzag whose husband sustained a massive brain injury in the Docklands bombing and needs constant care? What about the other victims who, thanks to sinn fein/ira and Libyan semtex find it hard to work or even function normally….won’t you explain to them why you announced this TWICE with nothing to show for it but excuse after excuse? Willie? Are you there Willie?
    Maybe Jason McCue can provide some answers, Mr McCue are you there? Perhaps he is working at M2P Law today? Perhaps he is in Chicago working at MM Law? Or perhaps he is working at one of the TEN other companies where he is listed as company director. Can you remember your clients Mr McCue? I know it must be difficult what with the THIRTEEN jobs you have at present…..


  4. Reblogged this on seftonblog and commented:

    I wrote this some time ago. Since then there has been no progress on compensation. Willie continues to disgrace the memory of my parents by pretending that he somehow represents them and at the same time calls people ‘fenian looking’. Politics and religion was never discussed in my home. My parents made charitable donations to Roman Catholic charities. My father counted Paddy Devlin among his friends. My parents would be horrified that this man purports to represent them or any other RUC officer, killed by PIRA. Frazer, with his bed push past the Ardoyne shops, that never happened, his march in Dublin to assist the victims of KIngsmills, that never happened, his trips to Libya, that never happened, his suing of McGuinness or Slab Murphy, that never happened. He has duped victims for years. All the while, the man with no visible means of support spends his days popping up here there and everywhere, seeking publicity, concocting stunts and publishing ‘talking heads’. He often cites providing cookers as an example of his charitable work. There will be more about these cookers in the near future, as there will about the £1,500,000 which FAIR received from government.


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