Willy Fraser

Pondering my blogs this evening and wondering about the future of loyalist victims, I turned my  mind to Willy  Frazer.

What has he done for victims in his locale? Or anywhere in Northern Ireland?

The answer is that I don’t know, but undoubtedly he will tell me.

When I spoke to him he was very keen to tell me how much money he had spent , progressing the claims of victims..

Not mine gov….

2 thoughts on “Willy Fraser

  1. Some interesting comments in the previous post about willy. I clicked on the exaronews.com link and one quote caught my eye, Willie Frazer said

    “Part A of the deal has been confirmed, the compensation to the UK victims named on the writ”.

    Very interesting, so where did it go wrong Willie? One could be forgiven for thinking that if part A is done then the hold up must be parts B and C. Not sure if the victims, some of whom have died since your announcement, would appreciate being kept on hold for 4 years and counting….Methinks the victims should do as one poster suggested and contact the legal ombudsman to wring some answers out of Mr McCue…for starters if part A was done in 2011 where has the money been for all this time?


  2. Interesting piece on willy in the telegraph. Some of the comments about his financial affairs are pretty intersesting!


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