The AQE CEA and GL Assessment Test Results: Advice to parents: 2017

I look forward to St Dominic’s detailed breakdown…

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All parents who have received a letter notifying them of the results of their applications to a post-primary school(s) would benefit from reading this post.

Why the Belfast Telegraph and Irish News must set the record straight on grammar school league table libel

Decisions made to apply to a particular grammar school based, even in part, on newspaper claims about exam performance are unsafe.

Irish News League Tables.jpg

It is important to understand that the Grammar School Exam Performance lists ( league table libel) presented in the form used by the Belfast Telegraph and the Irish News represent, at best, a marketing tool used by the newspapers to increase sales in a declining print media environment.

In the Irish News of May 22, 2017 Simon Doyle boldly claims:

The Irish News performance lists are anticipated annually and some schools advertise their positions on their websites

Here is an example from St Dominic’s High School/Grammar School in Belfast.

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Bivouacs of the Dead

Emerging Civil War

When touring battlefields on my own or leading a group, I always try and stop by the cemeteries that are there – both to meet the men but also to reflect on the events. I try to do this whether the field is in the United States, Asia, or Europe. As I’ve done so (and contemplate future visits), I’ve noticed there’s a definite change in how the large scale of death of the Civil War and the World Wars impacted how the dead are recalled. Let me explain.

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