Despatches from the Disclosure Battle Front

It’s sad that , as far as I know ,no NI barrister has provided a similar critique. Of course, in the Bar Library, they are terrified of the Judiciary and/or they brown nose them every chance they get, at functions, dinner parties and who knows what else? So , what chance the public, whom they serve, ever getting the real picture?


The campaign to highlight the lamentable failure of the Judicial and HMCTS enabling or facilitation of disclosure abuse gathers pace as more examples are exposed to view. The willingness of some courts and HMCTS personnel to frustrate the law and criminal procedure rules has reached scandalous proportions. This is now a daily occurrence.

We have become like the old Soviet Union with a superficially attractive criminal code that the judicial establishment ignore. Not only do the Courts increasingly fail to deal with these issues but often in their anxiety to let the Crown ‘off the hook’ they ingeniously find ways to blame the very lawyers bringing to the courts attention CPS failures. Sometimes this is accompanied with unwarranted rudeness and discourtesy and bogus criticism displayed to defence advocates in front of clients and their families.

My own recent example of the court failing to deal with the almost total absence…

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Courting Disaster!

Coming soon to courts in NI, no doubt.

My Mid Life Crisis


I’ve been absent without leave from blogging duties for the past few weeks, though I’m guessing that no one noticed. What with the election, a heatwave and Wimbledon, people have had other topics to fulminate over.

Besides, I’ve had to focus on the day job, as I’ve got a tax bill coming up. ‘Back to back sex’, as we call it in the trade, is all consuming. So even I haven’t had time to get angry about anything.

However, inevitably my bad temper has re-surfaced and I’ve had to shove my head back over the parapet. Pressing court related matters have caused my blood pressure to soar – namely, the contentious issue of the MOJ’s proposed ‘flexible operating hours’ scheme.

Now, when the MOJ and their partners in crime, HMCTS, talk about ‘flexible operating hours’, what they REALLY mean is that they want to have whatever courthouses they haven’t already…

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Tory MP calls police on serving firefighter who questions his expense claims

Pride's Purge

Posted on Facebook:

A serving firefighter, London fire Brigade:

On Friday I went to see my local MP, Crispin Blunt to ask why he thought it appropriate to continue to vote for a 1% pay rise for Public sector workers. He explained to me what austerity meant and why we all had to do our bit. I asked him how he was doing his bit by claiming over £20,000 a year for 5 years on a second home which proved to be his main home given his kids lived there and they went to school round the corner. How did claiming over 2k for airbricks and another few thousand for fireplace repairs was contributing to saving the country money? He seemed at a loss how to explain the 5k he claimed for DFS furniture. He sold the second house, bought a bigger house and claimed the 16k stamp duty thinking…

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Welcoming the New Advocacy for Innocent Victims Team

Tea, crochet classes and bus runs. Bromide for the victims from the State.

South East Fermanagh Foundation

Advocates 1.jpg The New Advocacy for Innocent Victims (AfIV) Team. From left to right: Ann Travers (Support worker Mid-Ulster Region with outreach into RoI cases)
Wendy Stewart (Support worker Fermanagh/West Region with outreach into RoI cases)
Rev Alan Irwin (Chair of SEFF’s Advocacy Service Oversight committee)
Ken Fusnton (Advocacy Service Manager)
Peter Murtagh (Support worker with Greater Belfast and South Down Region)

Kenny Donaldson, Director of Services at Lisnaskea-based South East Fermanagh Foundation explains the role of SEFF’s Advocacy Service – AfIV Project (Advocacy for Innocent Victims)

Mr Donaldson stated: “SEFF has secured well in excess of £1million for the next 4 year period from Peace IV administered via The Victims and Survivors Service to provide an Advocacy support service to families and individuals who are the innocent victims and survivors of Terrorism and ‘other Troubles related criminal violence.’

“The service will support those who seek justice, truth and accountability for crimes…

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