Libya and William Frazer

Mr Frazer, who is apparently a loyalist campaigner of sorts , rang me today to complain about comments allegedly made about him on my blog. He said that he had not seen them but people had contacted him. I undertook to examine my blog and to delete any message which may be considered  abusive or libellous. I could find only one item which referred to him at all. It was from “Mike Gambit”, not his real name I’m sure. He wondered why “the self proclaimed victims [sic] champion isn’t spitting nails over this issue”.

This seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable comment.

Stopping there, readers may wonder what the relationship is between me and Mr Frazer.

The answer is -absolutely none. I am a claimant on a writ issued in a court in the USA. My lawyers are Motley Rice of South Carolina. So , of Mr Frazer I have had no need.

Anyway , if one scrolls back in time to October 2011 , here is what the Sunday Times proclaimed.

“Libya will pay out to IRA victims”

Mr Frazer is quoted in that journal : “the deal has been agreed and the victims or their surviving families will receive between £2 million and £3 million each”

Three years on , nobody has seen a penny. Mr Frazer, in conversation with me , blamed the British Government for going back on their word. Bizzarely, this is the first I have heard of this.

His conversation was vaguely threatening, but he might just have been put up to that by others.

Fact is , I don’t threaten easily , especially about my parents’ murders.

He also criticised me for potentially queering a deal . I asked him if a deal was imminent. he said it was not.

I’m still trying to understand what he has done in the last three years to remedy the ‘betrayal’ by HMG.

Northern Ireland loyalists have had their share of carpetbaggers and charlatans in the last fifty years.

My claim relates to the brutal murder of my parents in 1990.

Any compensation would go substantially to my daughter who has had to live with the consequences of the incident, all her life.

Money is important to all victims.

For me? I have a separate action against the state for complicity in my parents’ murders.

I do not need to be rung up by a self proclaimed “loyalist” to be reminded of my responsibilities.

The tragedy is that republicans will continue to get away with it and all the posturing by Willy Frazer, if he is genuine,  is to naught.

Libya, ourselves alone.

My parents were killed by a semtex bomb in June 1990.

In April 2006, proceedings for compensation were started in USA courts.

Within two years US citizens had been compensated  and Uk citizens abandoned in a deal brokered by Tony Blair.

Eight years have gone by since the issue of proceedings and no settlement is in sight.

The provisional Libyan Government, later recognised  by the UK as the legitimate government , promised to compensate us. Three years on they have not done so.

Our lawyers and politicians appear helpless and/or useless.

It is time to take this on and get personal.

I have asked that I be permitted to give evidence to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee. I shall also make the same request of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

When you hear our politicians condemn terrorism, think about what they do in practice.

Blair, Libya and Sinn Fein/IRA

It is well known that the same bunch of terrorists who looked for the on the run letters also opposed and continue to oppose the payment of compensation to the victims of semtex supplied by their friend [and Blair’s] Gadafy.
They are supported in this endeavour by the Northern Ireland Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.Such was the NIO and FCO indifference to the claims that pressure had to be applied to wrest control from them and place negotiations in the hands of Sir Kim Darroch, who now reports to the Prime Minister.
The subject is so sensitive up at Stormont that McKibbin, the Permanent Secretary at OFMDFM refused to tell me or Jim Allister what was discussed between the Libyan Prime Minister and the First and Deputy First Ministers at the City Airport, after the G8 summit.
Readers will know that in June 2008, Blair, no longer in office but setting out to be a multi millionaire, met Gadafy and gave him a big hug.It is clear from FCO documents of the time that Blair was brokering a deal which resulted in Bush receiving 1.5 billion dollars from Libya for the American claimants and freezing out the British subjects.
Why did Blair do this?
To ingratiate himself to Bush? “Yo Blair”. Already done some time earlier.
To get a financial advantage from Gadafy? Maybe.
When looked at with the right end of the telescope, the reason is clear.
The payment to UK citizens would involve millions of pounds in compensation going largely to Protestants.SF/IRA still maintain their hatred of Protestants, so for the sake of the peace process, just like with the on the runs, Blair sided with the terrorists.