Libya and William Frazer

I wrote this some time ago. Since then there has been no progress on compensation. Willie continues to disgrace the memory of my parents by pretending that he somehow represents them and at the same time calls people ‘fenian looking’. Politics and religion was never discussed in my home. My parents made charitable donations to Roman Catholic charities. My father counted Paddy Devlin among his friends. My parents would be horrified that this man purports to represent them or any other RUC officer, killed by PIRA. Frazer, with his bed push past the Ardoyne shops, that never happened, his march in Dublin to assist the victims of Kingsmills, that never happened, his trips to Libya, that never happened, his suing of McGuinness or Slab Murphy, that never happened. He has duped victims for years. All the while, the man with no visible means of support spends his days popping up here there and everywhere, seeking publicity, concocting stunts and publishing ‘talking heads’. He often cites providing cookers as an example of his charitable work. There will be more about these cookers in the near future, as there will about the £1,500,000 which FAIR received from government.


Mr Frazer, who is apparently a loyalist campaigner of sorts , rang me today to complain about comments allegedly made about him on my blog. He said that he had not seen them but people had contacted him. I undertook to examine my blog and to delete any message which may be considered  abusive or libellous. I could find only one item which referred to him at all. It was from “Mike Gambit”, not his real name I’m sure. He wondered why “the self proclaimed victims [sic] champion isn’t spitting nails over this issue”.

This seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable comment.

Stopping there, readers may wonder what the relationship is between me and Mr Frazer.

The answer is -absolutely none. I am a claimant on a writ issued in a court in the USA. My lawyers are Motley Rice of South Carolina. So , of Mr Frazer…

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One thought on “Libya and William Frazer

  1. I recall Willie Tazer announcing that the Libya victims would receive compensation, back in 2009. In 2011 he and Jonathan Garnish made another announcement of the same nature. In the intervening years Mr Tazer issued numerous threats.
    In 2010 he threatened that he would sue Martin McGuinness, and didn’t.

    He threatened that he would sue senior republicans, and didn’t.

    He threatened to travel to Libya, and didn’t.

    He threatened to sue senior republicans unless the government unfroze the Libyan assets, and didn’t.

    In 2015 Willie threatened to march through Dublin to protest the Irish governments failure to hand over documents regarding Kingsmills. Willie then called off the march when Mr Kenny seemingly promised to hand over information, and took the credit for it. To date the Irish government have still not handed over the information that Mr Tazer claims they promised.

    The above examples represent a small percentage of the threats Willie Tazer makes and never follows through on.

    As well as making pointless threats, Willie also has a habit of opening his mouth and proclaiming nonsense. From mistaking an Italian flag for an Irish one to lambasting the BBC for having an actress in Eastenders wear a GAA top that actually turned out to be a P.E top from a Ballymena school, Willie makes actual victims look ridiculous by association.
    If you go onto Mr Tazers Facebook page and ask him difficult questions such as, “In (insert year) you promised to (insert nonsense Willie promise), and never did. Why”? The brave Mr Tazer will block and ban you from the page, but not before getting in the last word knowing that you can’t reply. What a coward he is.
    Also, if you comment on Willies antics on a news forum such as the Belfast Newsletter, rent-a-mob will suddenly appear and lavish Mr Tazer with compliments and praise. However whenever you ask rent-a-mob what tangible benefit Mr Tazer has actually achieved for the victims he claims to represent, they fall silent.
    Say what you will about republican pressure groups. Yes they represent the scum of the Earth. Yes they are terrorist apologists. And yes, they get results. Contrast this with the self appointed victims representatives on the Unionist side. People like Willie Frazer of FAIR, who has made a living out of crying “wolf”. And Jonathan Ganesh from the the Docklands victims association, who in 2011 announced, along with Willie, that a deal to compensate the victims had finally been done, only for nothing to materialise, and no explanations given and not even an acknowledgement that they had made this announcement and failed to deliver on it.

    I wonder how well messrs Frazer and Ganesh can sleep at night, knowing that they have and are continuing to fail the people they claim to represent. Also, I wonder how many of the victims on the writ have died over the years while team Ganesh and Frazer announce deals that never happened and issue threats they will never follow through on. For as long as Frazer and Ganesh have their apologists, they will continue to lead the victims down the garden path. People really need to wake up and see these two for what they are.


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