Libya, ourselves alone.

My parents were killed by a semtex bomb in June 1990.

In April 2006, proceedings for compensation were started in USA courts.

Within two years US citizens had been compensated  and Uk citizens abandoned in a deal brokered by Tony Blair.

Eight years have gone by since the issue of proceedings and no settlement is in sight.

The provisional Libyan Government, later recognised  by the UK as the legitimate government , promised to compensate us. Three years on they have not done so.

Our lawyers and politicians appear helpless and/or useless.

It is time to take this on and get personal.

I have asked that I be permitted to give evidence to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee. I shall also make the same request of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

When you hear our politicians condemn terrorism, think about what they do in practice.

5 thoughts on “Libya, ourselves alone.

  1. Absolutely ridiculous. Has the esteemed Jason McCue, he of “terrorism is a failed brand” fame, ever provided credible (or indeed any answers) to the following;

    1- Moussa Koussa, Gaddafi’s henchman who was also named on the writ, flew into the UK in March 2011, did McCue endeavour to have papers served on him before he was whisked away to god knows where? I already know the answer to this and it is no he did not. Well then why?

    This story was also repeated by the Times. If part A (i.e those on the writ) was agreed in 2011 why hasn’t even a single penny trickled down to any of the victims?

    3- Why has Mr McCue not called out David Cameron on his inaction as he did with Gordon Brown? Why is it left to Lord Empey to inform the victims that Cameron doesn’t want to know?

    4- Why has Mr McCue not fought to have is fabled “contract” enforced?

    5- Has Mr McCue ever stated what his relationship was with the Libyan government?
    This piece from 2011 states ” He is currently engaged in transitional justice as well as conflict and post-conflict issues in Libya.” To me that would suggest he is working with or on behalf of the Libyan government while at the same time representing his clients attempting to gain compensation from the Libyan government. Conflict of interest perhaps?

    To me it certainly seems that there is something very wrong when this story can be headline news in 2009 and yet in 2014/15 it is reduced to a few lines of blurb in the East London Advertiser. Mr McCue has questions to answer as this state of affairs, on the face of it, shows a great deal of ineptitude on the part of the legal team. And if Mr McCue was working with the Libyan government in 2011 that shows at best very poor decision making skills and at worst it is a gross betrayl of the victims he was supposed to be representing.

    For any of the UK victims (as the U.S victims were compensated years ago) who feel they have been let down on a massive scale may I recommend the services of the legal ombudsman .
    Mr McCue may feel that he doesn’t need to answer any of his clients questions but I dare say when he is investigated by the relevant agencies his tune will change. On the website of McCue & Partners their tagline is “We solve your problems and enforce your rights…. We watch over our clients”. I don’t know how he has the nerve.


  2. In case any of the libya/semtex victims need a laugh…

    Failed brand? Not from where i’m sitting.


  3. So Peter Robinson fawned over the republican Maria Cahill and won’t lift a finger to help the victims of republican violence i.e the people who vote for him? Go to the media, i’ll bet spotlight would love to do a followup of their 2009 broadcast about the libyan semtex case and how the victims legal team seemingly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


  4. This is the thing Willie Frazer started isn’t it? I recall seeing footage of him along with some Libyans at a protest in New York a while ago. One wonders why the self proclaimed victims champion isn’t spitting nails over this issue! He likes to delete questions about the case from his Facebook page, I wonder why.


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