Kafka is alive and well

Readers of this blog and of the press  may be aware of certain difficulties I have experienced with the Bar Council. These, as they are at pains to point out , are matters that the public can come and hear about. Hence I am making them public to you. I have now been provided with a folder of prints out of my blog. They want me to take these to Dr Paul Miller and ask him to opine as to whether or not in the circumstances , I am really  “cured” and fit to practise as a barrister. This route has apparently been taken because Allison Morris and her employer , the Irish News,  have complained about my response to her article about me in their paper, an article which I believe was Sinn Fein/IRA inspired. The Bar Council then printed out all my blogs.

Included in folder , and flagged up,  is one I wrote about my friend , the late  Jack Kyle, a man whom I admired greatly. Jack wrote to the Irish Times on 26 July 1966 and delivered a stinging criticism of  Paisley and his views. I commented on this:

“Jack expresses views that have been discarded by all sides in a headlong rush for money and power. Maybe I’m just getting old but I regret his passing and the loss of his values”

I have no idea what the Bar Council’s objection is to this blog but no doubt I , and you, should you choose to attend the public hearing, will find out in January  from Frazer Elliott Q.C. who appears for the Bar Council and who will, no doubt produce some evidence from a professional medical person to support his case.

Of course it may just be as simple as my face doesn’t fit in the new dispensation [proceedings against the Lord Chief Justice?]. It has been accepted by Elliott in the last public hearing  that I have had an exemplary thirty year professional career at the Bar. So what’s not to like…….?

Martin McGuinness-invisible man

Readers will know that I have been asking questions of the PSNI and PPS in respect of the murders of my parents. That process is now complete.

Police repeated the following to the PPS, in respect of Ed Maloney’s assertion that McGuinness approved the murder of my parents. They told the PPS Senior Assistant Director:

“there is no evidential basis or intelligence available to link him with the murder of [my] parents”

How can any sane democracy countenance this from the police?

In the coming days I will set out , point by point , person by person, the allegations against him. If the police are correct , then :

[a] they have been incompetent for 25 years, or

[b] a range of people , from senior politicians in the Republic to veteran journalists in Northern Ireland have indulged in a fantasy.

Just to add, I will not be deflected from this campaign despite any Sinn Fein/IRA inspired journalism.



Where bureaucracies overpower people , often in surreal, nightmarish milieu which evoke feelings of senselessness, disorientation and helplessness.

The present bureaucracy is administered by the Secretary of State.

Those who are not “pro agreement” are excluded from any organ of the state, including the executive or  the judiciary.

The pro agreement people are showered with honours , power and influence.

Why? To prevent any bombs in London. Read Peter Hitchens in the Mail.


Losing a loved one  “naturally” is always sad.

To lose a close family member “unnaturally” say in a car crash, is unexpected, inexplicable  and difficult to come to terms with.

To lose a loved one , murdered, is horrific. The conviction of the perpetrator may bring some “closure” to use that overworked and somewhat empty word.

To lose both parents, murdered by a PIRA active service unit, in an operation approved by the man who is now deputy first minister is outrageous, unreasonable and a situation which no citizen of a functioning democracy should have to endure.

Worse, the state has been complicit in the protection of Martin McGuinness in pursuit of the chimera known as the “peace process”.

Readers might wonder what that process is, given the PSNI warning about attacks and recent newspaper articles alleging that Sinn Fein is controlled by the army council.

What price peace?

A price I will not pay.


Libya-some facts

Some commentators would have you believe that Libya is in need of humanitarian aid. Here are some random facts.

Income from oil in the first half of 2014, $4billion

Crude oil output at 700,000 barrels per day

Owes Uk £14 million for army training costs

Is suing a Tanzanian firm for $37 million

Has assigned members of the Lebanese Bar to identify and recover assets in Lebanon

Cost the British taxpayer £200 million to defeat Gadafy

Who is the fool?

Libya and the craven British Government

A British diplomat wrote these words to Moussa Koussa, the head of Gadafy’s intelligence agency. [Think PIRA nutting squad, only bigger].

“most importantly I congratulate you on the safe arrival of Abu Abd Allah Sadiq. This was the least we could do for you and for Libya to demonstrate the remarkable relationship we have built over the years”

This man had been kidnapped by British Intelligence and handed over to Moussa Koussa.

The   message was sent to a regime which had supplied the IRA with guns and semtex , used to kill hundreds of British citizens in Northern Ireland and in Great Britain.

Not one penny of compensation has ever been paid by Libya, despite £200 million being spent by the British Government , bombing Gadafy’s army during the Libyan Spring.

Perfidious Albion is found both at home and abroad.

McGuinness and the Poppy Day bombing

As the anniversary of this atrocity approaches it is important to bear in mind that McGuinness approved this bombing. A classic PIRA attack. An associated bombing failed. The time is approaching when I will set out my case against him as not only the murderer of my parents but as one of the mass murderers of the last century. Coming for you, Fisherman!

Barra McGrory, the burden of his past

When some distant but important connections were established in relation to Butler-Sloss and Wolff; in respect of the child abuse enquiry, both, quite properly, resigned.

In Northern Ireland the senior prosecutor is unable to take part in the most important decisions in respect of the prosecution of republicans because of his former professional life.

Nobody seems to think that this is important.

Perhaps it is time for the Director of Public Prosecutions to do the honourable thing?

Martin McGuinness-the murderer’s files being examined?

When Barra McGrory replied to my request for an investigation into McGuinness, regarding the murders of my parents, he said: “I have no reason to believe that there has not been a very thorough and comprehensive investigation of their deaths” That was when it had slipped his mind that at all material times he had been McGuinness’s lawyer.

That reply  was last May, now, five months on, I am told that the PSNI and the PPS are to meet to discuss my concerns and allegations.

New inquests -a level playing field for unionists?

Readers may recall that Barra McGrory, on the basis of a Panorama programme, requested the Chief Constable to investigate the behaviour of the Army. When I asked him to carry out a similar exercise in respect of Martin McGuinness, he refused, then said that he had not refused , then delegated the decision to a senior member of his department.

Now the Attorney General has decided, on the basis of the same programme , to order new inquests into the deaths of Daniel Rooney and Patrick McVeigh.

I have today requested that the A-G order fresh inquests into the murders of my parents on the basis of extensive publications , over the years, asserting that McGuinness was head of northern command PIRA and that he approved the murders of my parents. I also request that the voluminous State intelligence on McGuinness is made available to the Coroner.

Let’s see how even handed the response is.