Martin McGuinness-invisible man

Readers will know that I have been asking questions of the PSNI and PPS in respect of the murders of my parents. That process is now complete.

Police repeated the following to the PPS, in respect of Ed Maloney’s assertion that McGuinness approved the murder of my parents. They told the PPS Senior Assistant Director:

“there is no evidential basis or intelligence available to link him with the murder of [my] parents”

How can any sane democracy countenance this from the police?

In the coming days I will set out , point by point , person by person, the allegations against him. If the police are correct , then :

[a] they have been incompetent for 25 years, or

[b] a range of people , from senior politicians in the Republic to veteran journalists in Northern Ireland have indulged in a fantasy.

Just to add, I will not be deflected from this campaign despite any Sinn Fein/IRA inspired journalism.


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