Losing a loved one  “naturally” is always sad.

To lose a close family member “unnaturally” say in a car crash, is unexpected, inexplicable  and difficult to come to terms with.

To lose a loved one , murdered, is horrific. The conviction of the perpetrator may bring some “closure” to use that overworked and somewhat empty word.

To lose both parents, murdered by a PIRA active service unit, in an operation approved by the man who is now deputy first minister is outrageous, unreasonable and a situation which no citizen of a functioning democracy should have to endure.

Worse, the state has been complicit in the protection of Martin McGuinness in pursuit of the chimera known as the “peace process”.

Readers might wonder what that process is, given the PSNI warning about attacks and recent newspaper articles alleging that Sinn Fein is controlled by the army council.

What price peace?

A price I will not pay.


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