Hair today

The Times reports that scientists from an elite FBI forensic unit exaggerated evidence that help incriminate defendants in hundreds of trials. The evidence related to hair matching and has been found to be flawed in a significant number of cases.

I seem to recall that Ronnie Flanagan had links with Quantico, the FBI Academy. I wonder how often hair match evidence was given in Northern Irish courts and was it given by experts trained by the FBI?

I note also that Chief Constable Hamilton is said by the BBC to be a member of the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Association. [whatever that is]

Let’s hope that he, the DPP and Minister Ford spring into action and review such cases here.

Women well behind in the North

What does the Republic have five of that the North has none of?

Women in five senior posts.

Chief of police

Chief Justice

Attorney General

Director of Public Prosecutions

High Court Judge

Perhaps the Republic is a far more liberal and egalitarian State than the North, or is there another explanation?

Martin McGuinness mass murderer

A big thank you to the Irish News and Allison Morris for publishing my allegations of murder by Martin McGuinness. If you will bear with me I will develop  this in the next few days. I’m sure that the editor of the Irish News will follow events with excitement.

A big shout out too , to Allison’s  dissident IRA partner Fernando Murphy [do you hear the drums ,Fernando?]

One can only speculate on the provenance of today’s article.

Martin McGuinness-the murderer’s files being examined?

When Barra McGrory replied to my request for an investigation into McGuinness, regarding the murders of my parents, he said: “I have no reason to believe that there has not been a very thorough and comprehensive investigation of their deaths” That was when it had slipped his mind that at all material times he had been McGuinness’s lawyer.

That reply  was last May, now, five months on, I am told that the PSNI and the PPS are to meet to discuss my concerns and allegations.