PSNI-careless talk? Or worse?

On 11th August ACC Harris, as he then was said this , [in response to my assertion that Ed Moloney ,in his book”A Secret History of the IRA, pointed to McGuinness as the man who had ordered the murders of my parents] :

“The information contained within the book …is anonymous. The author Ed Moloney has previously been spoken to and is unwilling to disclose the identity of his sources.”

The police told the Senior Assistant Director of the PPS the same thing. He repeated to me: “Mr Moloney has previously been spoken to by police and was unwilling to disclose the identity of his sources.” The police were not briefing Mr Herron about interactions with Ed Moloney, they were dealing with a specific allegation.

Mr Moloney told me that no police officer had ever spoken to him about anything in his book, originally published in 2002.

I challenged the Chief Constable. He nodded the ball to ACC Kerr. He nodded the ball to D Supt Murphy, who seems to be in the Legacy Investigations Branch, probably the fourth or fifth outfit I have had to deal with. He replied :”ACC Harris previously wrote to you about interactions with Mr Moloney. In that letter , Mr Harris states that previous requests to Mr Moloney have not resulted in a positive response. I should emphasise that this was intended to reference other cases within the remit of the Historical Enquiries Team , rather than the murders of your parents specifically. I apologise if any confusion was caused.”

Of course ACC Harris did not write to me “about interactions with Mr Moloney”. He wrote to me about a specific allegation contained in a book written over twelve years ago.

Readers can make up their own mind about the honesty  of the police responses.

It now appears that they are going to attempt to make contact with Mr Moloney.

The fact is that the police were ordered not to investigate the chain of command in any bombing or shooting. The ASU did not just have an idea one day that they would go and kill someone. It was scouted , planned and approved. In my parents’ case the project would have gone up the line through Spike Murray, Brian Gillen, Bobby Storey and then to McGuinness. At least two of these people were State informers, Gillen and McGuinness.

I therefore allege that the State was aware of the identity of the people who conspired to kill my parents , as well as the killers themselves. Effectively, the State was engaged in murder. This matter will now be taken up again with the PPS, though not with the Director, who was at all material times, McGuinness’s lawyer. I am not aware of whether or not he represented Spike Murray , Brian Gillen or Bobby Storey.

Meanwhile I still await the PSNI explanation about forensic examination of UCBTs, outstanding since 13th November.

Edmund Burke

The quote, attributed to him, about evil triumphing when good men do nothing is apposite.

I was struck by a piece on the radio about a Jewish woman who was detained by French police, after France  surrendered. She was sent to a concentration camp [a British invention] in Poland.

For a moment it surprised me that a French woman could be seized and sent to another country, even then.

It must remind us that a regime can always find willing participants. They will [for a knighthood or less] do the regime’s bidding. This will include murder , lying , sometimes under oath, hiding the truth, destroying documents, or generally being a cheer leader for the regime.

For regime, read establishment. Check the list of honours in Northern Ireland  for the last twenty years, particularly Sirs and Dames for the Quislings.

In the case of Northern Ireland, these people were picked out by the British a long time before the Good Friday agreement. They were quietly and skilfully put in place into positions of power and influence in all areas of public life. To quote Wilde, they rose without a trace.

On both sides, the man in the street knows that we are an utterly broken society. But his “better” tells him that it ain’t so.

And while that is going on, watch the performance of SinnFein /IRA on this island as they move to seize power . Hitler built autobahns and promised the poor work. Sound familiar?

Blair, Libya and Sinn Fein/IRA

It is well known that the same bunch of terrorists who looked for the on the run letters also opposed and continue to oppose the payment of compensation to the victims of semtex supplied by their friend [and Blair’s] Gadafy.
They are supported in this endeavour by the Northern Ireland Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.Such was the NIO and FCO indifference to the claims that pressure had to be applied to wrest control from them and place negotiations in the hands of Sir Kim Darroch, who now reports to the Prime Minister.
The subject is so sensitive up at Stormont that McKibbin, the Permanent Secretary at OFMDFM refused to tell me or Jim Allister what was discussed between the Libyan Prime Minister and the First and Deputy First Ministers at the City Airport, after the G8 summit.
Readers will know that in June 2008, Blair, no longer in office but setting out to be a multi millionaire, met Gadafy and gave him a big hug.It is clear from FCO documents of the time that Blair was brokering a deal which resulted in Bush receiving 1.5 billion dollars from Libya for the American claimants and freezing out the British subjects.
Why did Blair do this?
To ingratiate himself to Bush? “Yo Blair”. Already done some time earlier.
To get a financial advantage from Gadafy? Maybe.
When looked at with the right end of the telescope, the reason is clear.
The payment to UK citizens would involve millions of pounds in compensation going largely to Protestants.SF/IRA still maintain their hatred of Protestants, so for the sake of the peace process, just like with the on the runs, Blair sided with the terrorists.

Gerry Adams’ post box

A few weeks ago, I posted an open letter to the IRA army council, because [unlike Mairia Cahill] I didn’t have their postal address. Now it seems they have an address. Adams has a post box. At dead of night people put lists into it!

Please may I have the address for correspondence?

Gerry Adams, fresh evidence of membership

Mairia Cahill , in an interview with Michael Reade on LMFM said that Adams “was responsible as a head of an armed movement for the murder and torture of thousands of people on this island”.

Readers  might imagine that  a grand niece of a member of the Army Council is well placed to know that.

One hopes that the PSNI have obtained a statement to this effect from her and submitted it to the deputy director of the PPS for consideration with the rest of the file.

Denis Donaldson, an imaginary conversation?

January 1990

Handler: “Denis , the big bosses want an update. Who is on the Army Council at present?

Denis: “Gerry, Pat Doherty, head of intelligence; Joe Cahill, Martin McGuinness, Kevin McKenna, Mickey McKevitt and Slab.”

Handler: “Great, and is McGuinness still head of Northern Command?”

Denis:”Of course”

In Policing the Shadows, by Holland and Phoenix, a book written posthumously about Ian Phoenix, who was in RUC Special Branch, the authors state at page 215: “most of the information gathered on the paramilitaries and their links lay idle in police files and was never exploited”

Moral of the story: a succession of Chief Constables ignored [or were instructed to ignore] the activities of PIRA senior figures because of the “peace process”. Alternatively, McGuinness was “the Fisherman” a tout and therefore untouchable. As one commentator has said, why sacrifice Donaldson at the time of the Stormont arrests unless the State had higher placed informants?

Barra McGrory, the burden of his past; part II

Paul Given, the chairman of the Stormont justice committee has got it wrong. The DPP is correct in his decision not to publish the Attorney’s report . Liam Adams’ conviction is to be appealed and is therefore sub judice.

It exposes Mr Given’s lack of understanding [shocking for the chairman of the justice committee] and his poor choice of subject. McGrory is a Director holed below the waterline as a result of his extensive representation of Sinn Fein/PIRA. He is excluded from participation in many prosecutorial decisions because of this.

If Given had any wit he would have made a better fist of this resignation demand by citing more compelling cases , such as the failure to prosecute McGuinness .

Barra McGrory, the burden of his past

When some distant but important connections were established in relation to Butler-Sloss and Wolff; in respect of the child abuse enquiry, both, quite properly, resigned.

In Northern Ireland the senior prosecutor is unable to take part in the most important decisions in respect of the prosecution of republicans because of his former professional life.

Nobody seems to think that this is important.

Perhaps it is time for the Director of Public Prosecutions to do the honourable thing?

An open letter to the Army Council

Dear Army Council,

I don’t have your postal address, so forgive me for using this method of correspondence. I hope that one of you might read this before heading out to the Felons’ Club.

To set everyone’s mind at rest and to stop unreasonable allegations, I wonder if you would confirm that:

1. Gerry Adams was never a member of the IRA.

2. Martin McGuinness left you in the 1970’s, was a terribly bad shot and was never on the Army Council.

A simple reply to my blog will suffice.