Edmund Burke

The quote, attributed to him, about evil triumphing when good men do nothing is apposite.

I was struck by a piece on the radio about a Jewish woman who was detained by French police, after France  surrendered. She was sent to a concentration camp [a British invention] in Poland.

For a moment it surprised me that a French woman could be seized and sent to another country, even then.

It must remind us that a regime can always find willing participants. They will [for a knighthood or less] do the regime’s bidding. This will include murder , lying , sometimes under oath, hiding the truth, destroying documents, or generally being a cheer leader for the regime.

For regime, read establishment. Check the list of honours in Northern Ireland  for the last twenty years, particularly Sirs and Dames for the Quislings.

In the case of Northern Ireland, these people were picked out by the British a long time before the Good Friday agreement. They were quietly and skilfully put in place into positions of power and influence in all areas of public life. To quote Wilde, they rose without a trace.

On both sides, the man in the street knows that we are an utterly broken society. But his “better” tells him that it ain’t so.

And while that is going on, watch the performance of SinnFein /IRA on this island as they move to seize power . Hitler built autobahns and promised the poor work. Sound familiar?

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