My life in a banana republic: June

Jambo, Jambo!

My great news is that I will soon be graduating from the Queen’s great university [where her anthem is no longer heard].

The badness is that , because of your tribal wars, I may return to my own peaceful African country.

The Great She Elephant failed to win an OUT vote yet she remains in power. How can her tribe explain that?

The two tribes united to say that they wanted to remain in Ireland and the EU. The Picts across the water voted similarly. So from Cork to Aberdeen the people are of one voice.

Meanwhile one Eton boy is resigning as Prime Minister and another, who might have beaten him or given him lines, wants to take the job.  I seem to remember the BBC casting fun at my country’s rulers.

The leader of the opposition is a strange man who reads many emails and dresses in the dark. Nobody believes that he can be a Head Man, because he is a ganch. This is a word my Sandy Row friends taught me.

There is a vacuum, in my country the generals would by now have parked the tanks on the lawns.

What has happened to the Mother of Parliaments?

Meantime , Ministers from the new assembly are sneaking around burying bad news. The Great She Elephant thinks that her football team, which played 4 , won 1 and scored 2 goals, should be greeted as heroes. Do you remember Winnie Mandela’s football team? Ask the family of Stompi Moeketsi. Politicians should do what they do best, telling lies, not supporting football.

To make it more confusing, Her Gracious Majesty visited the Giant’s Causeway today. I wonder if she thinks it was made 6,000 years ago?

My brother rang me. He has an import/export business in Africa. It does trade from Egypt to Cape Town. He offered me a job. He says I should come home to a stable country where there is a legitimate government, where the tribes worked out a pecking order fifty years ago and where there is a market for goods.

This offer is very tempting.

Jambo jambo!

QUB Human Rights Centre

For as long as I have been a lawyer, QUB lawyers have displayed bias against the unionist and Protestant community.

No surprise then that Brice Dickson and Luke Moffett’s submission to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee urges them not to allow me to have access to the compensation I have sought for twenty five years , without any assistance from them. Read paragraph 14 of their submission.

Is it any wonder that people like Dickson are despised by loyalists?

In thirty years at the Bar I displayed more respect for human rights than Dickson and his sidekick could ever command.

Unsurprisingly , nobody from this taxpayer funded ‘centre’ ever contacted me to discuss the issues.

Queens University, what’s it good for?

The QUB Gender Initiative has an executive committee [all women, how is that?] of 24. Thirteen have doctorates, seven are professors. The director is professor Galligan. All the support staff are women. Their website does not tell me much about what they do.

I wonder if I knocked a door in New Barnsley or Forth River and asked the lady of the house what she thought of the help QGI had given her what the answer would be?

Who funds QGI?

Meanwhile , has the £5,500 been raised for Brenda McLaughlin’s portrait?

Queens University and Charlie Hebdo

I have fond memories of Queens University Law Faculty in the sixties. Good colleagues, Arthur Moir, Des Marrinan, Martin Blake, Arthur Harvey, Nigel Barr, David Smyth and many others. Great staff. World class. Sheridan, Twining, Palley, Wylie, Calvert and many others, even David Trimble and Geoff Foote!

Who can forget the magnolias flowering on University Square and the Club Bar? Grants?

Academia as it will never be again.

Now the management that brought you a ban on the National Anthem and the RUC band bring you a ban on free speech.

This is the university that boasts in a centre named after Bill Clinton. It welcomes Allstate, an institution rated in 2008  by the American Association for Justice  as the worst insurer in the USA.

Professor Johnston the leader of QUB told Allstate’s leaders, “leadership is about courage, conviction and putting you second-not first” [I wonder who writes his stuff?]

There then followed mutual back slapping with Mr Gupta, an Allstate VP.

Is this a clue?

In any event, investment is safe and with it the obscene amounts of money paid to senior QUB staff.

Johnston showed great courage.