Queens University and Charlie Hebdo

I have fond memories of Queens University Law Faculty in the sixties. Good colleagues, Arthur Moir, Des Marrinan, Martin Blake, Arthur Harvey, Nigel Barr, David Smyth and many others. Great staff. World class. Sheridan, Twining, Palley, Wylie, Calvert and many others, even David Trimble and Geoff Foote!

Who can forget the magnolias flowering on University Square and the Club Bar? Grants?

Academia as it will never be again.

Now the management that brought you a ban on the National Anthem and the RUC band bring you a ban on free speech.

This is the university that boasts in a centre named after Bill Clinton. It welcomes Allstate, an institution rated in 2008  by the American Association for Justice  as the worst insurer in the USA.

Professor Johnston the leader of QUB told Allstate’s leaders, “leadership is about courage, conviction and putting you second-not first” [I wonder who writes his stuff?]

There then followed mutual back slapping with Mr Gupta, an Allstate VP.

Is this a clue?

In any event, investment is safe and with it the obscene amounts of money paid to senior QUB staff.

Johnston showed great courage.

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