Why is a man who raped “hundreds of women” being released from prison after only 9 years?

via Why is a man who raped “hundreds of women” being released from prison after only 9 years?


Merry Christmas?

molly the blogger

Christmas is generally idealised as the perfect jolly time for all. Except the reality, is that for many it’s incredibly difficult. There’s a number of reasons why people find it a tough time – It may be due to the fact you’ve suffered loss, you may feel lonely, you might be suffering illness, you may have unhealthy or troubled relationships or like me, you may be battling Mental Health issues.

I’ve decided to share this post for two reasons. Firstly, for those who may not realise it can be tricky, and secondly, for those who know the struggle, to remind you that you’re not alone.

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ECW Names Kolakowski as New Chief Historian

Congratulations CK. Much talk of what you do “by day” short on your nocturnal activities…..

Emerging Civil War

Kolakowski_ChrisEmerging Civil War (ECW) has chosen historian Christopher Kolakowski to serve as the organization’s next chief historian.

Kolakowski, who has been with ECW since May 2013, is the author of several books and, on the ECW blog, of a popular series called “Civil War Echoes.” He also currently serves on ECW’s editorial board and management team. By day, Kolakowski serves as director of the General Douglas MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Virginia.

“Chris remains a World War II guy by day, overseeing what essentially amounts to a presidential library, considering MacArthur’s role in post-war reconstruction in the Pacific,” explains Chris Mackowski, ECW’s editor in chief, “but Chris remains a Civil War guy at heart. That’s where he cut his teeth, and that’s where he continues to return when the Second World War lets him. Best of all, he sees the clear connections and resonances between the two, which continue to echo…

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