Terrorism in the UK

To those affected by PIRA’s use of Libyan semtex anywhere in the UK, I suggest that we make more noise, that we question why Cameron has not secured the same rights for us as for our US “Allies”;that we draw his ambivalence and sloth to a wider audience and that we give him no peace until payment is secured.

Contact me on this blog if you agree, let’s build up a head of steam!

Cameron-talking tough-doing what?

On 4 May 2014, the Sunday Telegraph reported that the Prime Minister had appointed Sir Kim Darroch: “to lead a new effort to gain compensation from Libya”. Six years after the Americans were paid. Five months on, I have heard nothing from Sir Kim. Cameron talks a good game but has delivered nothing. Many victims are in ill health and old age. Many are in dire financial straits. This compensation, which Libya has admitted is due to the victims, would transform their lives. Meanwhile, how many British firms are doing business with the Libyans? Time for action, Prime Minister.


In 2011 the UK government froze millions of pounds worth of Libyan assets. In April of that year , the National Transitional Council, the Libyan Spring revolutionary committee, promised to pay compensation to UK citizens. The NTC did this at the height of Operation Ellamay, the Franco British action to constrain Gadafy. The operation cost the UK £212 million and put RAF lives at risk. The promised money has not been paid and the UK government refuses to release the frozen money to compensate victims of Libya’s semtex. Justice?