Docklands Victims Association

If you want to see British society at its best, visit the DVA site. Two people were killed and 39 injured in this 1996 PIRA bomb which blew John Major back to the negotiating table without PIRA having to give up its weapons. Despite death, mutilation and lack of interest by successive governments, the people of DVA have reached out to others less fortunate than themselves. Impressive and humbling.

Libya’s semtex did not discriminate between white, black, Christian and Muslim.

Cameron-talking tough-doing what?

On 4 May 2014, the Sunday Telegraph reported that the Prime Minister had appointed Sir Kim Darroch: “to lead a new effort to gain compensation from Libya”. Six years after the Americans were paid. Five months on, I have heard nothing from Sir Kim. Cameron talks a good game but has delivered nothing. Many victims are in ill health and old age. Many are in dire financial straits. This compensation, which Libya has admitted is due to the victims, would transform their lives. Meanwhile, how many British firms are doing business with the Libyans? Time for action, Prime Minister.