Martin McGuinness, the murderer of my parents

Just to be clear. I accuse Martin McGuinness of being head of northern command PIRA and of approving the operation which led to the murder of my parents. I will set out all the information about this in due course.

I also accuse the State of being complicit in this and other murders , because it had penetrated PIRA at the highest levels. It is inconceivable that the State was unaware of his role and his criminality.

It’s not just Ms Cahill who has a case to make.

I still await a substantive reply from both the PPS and the PSNI. Busily covering up.

Republicans and the test for prosecution

The Public Prosecution Service has a two step test for prosecution. First, they consider whether or not the evidence which can be adduced in court is sufficient to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction. Secondly they consider if prosecution is required in the “public interest”.

Therefore there could be a case where, on the face of it,there is ¬†compelling evidence against X but the prosecution does not take place because it is not in the public interest. This includes “where details may be made public that could harm sources of information, international relations or national security”. [Sometimes referred to as the ‘Shawcross doctrine’]

It does not require a great leap of imagination to consider that members of Sinn Fein/IRA may already have benefitted from this second limb or may do so in the very near future.

What could be more in the public interest than the protection of “the peace process”?

Let’s watch.

Mairia Cahill -some words of caution

Those of you who read my blog would know my views on Sinn Fein and PIRA. However there are some disturbing aspects of this case.

  • Mairia was a republican
  • She was related to Joe Cahill, a founder of the Provisional IRA and close friend of Adams
  • The alleged rape took place in 1997
  • The alleged internal inquiry or whatever one wants to call it, took place when Joe Cahill was still alive
  • Would not Joe have wanted to protect his grand niece?
  • She made no complaint until an unknown date , perhaps four to five years ago, Over ten years after the event.
  • A decision to prosecute was made, therefore someone in the PPS thought that there was a reasonable prospect of success.
  • It is alleged that the Director did not involve himself in the prosecutorial decision
  • Mairia ultimately declined to give evidence against Martin Morris, the reason for this is not known
  • Consequently he was [ rightly] acquitted
  • She now wishes to make the same case in public and in the media which she was unwilling to make before a jury
  • If we are ever to become a humane a sophisticated society, we need to observe the rule of law.
  • Trial by media , even Nolan, is not the way to go.

Those rushing to judgement for whatever their personal beliefs ought to consider these matters.