Mairia Cahill -some words of caution

Those of you who read my blog would know my views on Sinn Fein and PIRA. However there are some disturbing aspects of this case.

  • Mairia was a republican
  • She was related to Joe Cahill, a founder of the Provisional IRA and close friend of Adams
  • The alleged rape took place in 1997
  • The alleged internal inquiry or whatever one wants to call it, took place when Joe Cahill was still alive
  • Would not Joe have wanted to protect his grand niece?
  • She made no complaint until an unknown date , perhaps four to five years ago, Over ten years after the event.
  • A decision to prosecute was made, therefore someone in the PPS thought that there was a reasonable prospect of success.
  • It is alleged that the Director did not involve himself in the prosecutorial decision
  • Mairia ultimately declined to give evidence against Martin Morris, the reason for this is not known
  • Consequently he was [ rightly] acquitted
  • She now wishes to make the same case in public and in the media which she was unwilling to make before a jury
  • If we are ever to become a humane a sophisticated society, we need to observe the rule of law.
  • Trial by media , even Nolan, is not the way to go.

Those rushing to judgement for whatever their personal beliefs ought to consider these matters.

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