The strange silence of Willie Frazer PartII

Regular readers will have read Part I.

Wille, when tasked by the media about the alleged missing money , said “There is no money missing. Every penny we get goes towards victims. There were paperwork errors, nothing more than that”

You might suppose that Willie learned a lesson  and that paperwork would be to the forefront of  what he is pleased to call his mind.

Willie is involved in two victims’ groups, which are non profit making, allegedly.

The first in time was FAIR. It is no longer possible to access its website, which has been suspended. FAIR  was registered with HMRC as a charity. However, new laws have been applicable to FAIR for several years now. It is required to register with the Charity Commission and , in due course , to provide statements of financial dealings. It was notified of this obligation over a year ago but to date FAIR has provided no accounts. So FAIR’s financial dealings are a mystery.

The other organisation which Willie is intimately involved with is the Family Research and Policy Unit. It too is non profit making and is therefore a charity. There is no record of this organisation with the Charity Commission at all. So you, the tax payer cannot find out its  financial affairs through the Commissioner. In fact there is no trace of this organisation , except premises in Markethill. No telephone number, no email address and no website.

Worse, this second organisation receives government funding. I asked the Victims and Survivors Service  for details of any conditions applied by it and any accounts held by them.

Their reply was that they did require FRPU to be registered as a charity and they had no accounts for it.This despite making a grant of over £50,000 to it. So you , the public, who fund this organisation can know nothing about it.

So the two vehicles used by Willie to push his “victims'”  agenda are not transparent.

The big  question is, how does Willie pay his way? How does he travel back and forward to London so frequently? What does he do with any public money he gets? Does he have access to any other money? Is he in receipt of benefits? Do individuals or groups ,  make charitable contributions? To whom does he owe money?

Can he tell us which victims he has helped? Has he any vouching documentation? How many cookers did he buy? Were they new or second hand?

The real issue here is that Frazer promotes himself as a non-sectarian victims’ campaigner. It’s hard to see how he qualifies on either score.

Willie continues to say it’s not about the money, perhaps that’s a message to you and me that he is going to keep it a secret.

Let’s wait and see.

The queer case of FAIR

If one Googles “Families acting for innocent relatives”, one is directed to

One is then told that “this site belongs to and is the sole property of William Frazer..unless otherwise indicated this website and its contents are the property of William Frazer.”

The queer thing is that on 16th November 2012 the BBC reported that “Willie Frazer steps down from victims’ group FAIR.”

There is another site which is hard to find and which  looks like the Mary Celeste. It contains little re events ,no details of who runs the organisation and appears frozen in time.

I understood that this organisation had received substantial sums of public money [hundreds of thousands of pounds] to help victims. I am at a loss to know where that money is , or was spent. I wonder is FAIR registered with the Charity Commission?

I’d like to see some accounts and an account of its activities over the last three years. Any offers?

Education and charity

The two Grammar schools in Lisburn City , Friends and Wallace, educate 2152 secondary school pupils. Of these, 47, or two percent, are entitled to free school meals.

The four secondary schools, Laurelhill, Fort Hill, Lisnagarvey and St Patrick’s , educate 2640 children.Of these , 528 or twenty two percent, take free school meals.

The figures [ from DENI], speak for themselves.

Friends and Wallace are entitled to charitable status and the benefits which that brings.

The Charity Commission is now in full operation in Northern Ireland.

It is clear from these figures that a section of the public, children from poor homes, is largely excluded from a grammar school education.

Friends and Wallace might point out, in response that all children are afforded an equal chance by sitting the AQE test. This of course is nonsense as the test does not measure academic ability. In addition, well off parents pay for their children to be coached.

When might we expect the Charity Commission, which is “committed to equality and diversity in all that we do” to investigate this dreadful state of affairs, which is replicated throughout Northern Ireland?