Cameron speaks with forked tongue?

The newspapers , in May and July 2014, including the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph, carried a story that the PM had appointed Sir Kim Darroch to “secure compensation for British victims” of Libyan/PIRA/Sinn Fein terrorism. It was reported that he would negotiate on behalf of the families. I have no doubt that this information came from Number Ten and that it was the same line peddled to the DUP when they had tea with Cameron in the garden. He was looking for their votes of course. The same story was given to my lawyers.

Here is what Sir Kim told me about his role: “This is a broad remit to lead discussions with the Libyans to facilitate progress for all UK victims of Qadhafi sponsored terrorism. It is not a mandate to secure payment of individual compensation claims.’ Cameron told him to “build a dialogue”.

So there you have it, misled again by Cameron, the man who almost daily tells you how tough he is on terrorism. The deaths from semtex occurred twenty five years ago.

This British Government is a laughing stock abroad. It contributes almost nothing to the war on IS. It has left Libya prey to IS, Cameron having got his photo opportunity there. Afghanistan was a military disaster. Despite hectoring NATO allies to spend two percent of GDP on defence, he refuses to implement that spending here.

If any British citizen thinks that the world of terrorism fears us, think again. The Government of Toffs is incompetent.

I trust that the DUP will not promise their support in the event of a hung parliament.

One thought on “Cameron speaks with forked tongue?

  1. Did you not read the link I posted earlier? Chill out, Willie Frazer is on the case! And by on the case I mean off his trolley. Ah Willie Frazer, combining ignorance, religiosity and poor deductive reasoning skills this mental midget can DO – IT – ALL !! And by do it all I actually mean can’t do a single thing.

    June 2010, the Daily Mail reports that a compensation deal has been reached

    August 2011, Exaronews reports that Libya has signed a contract to pay the victims

    October 2011, Exaronews reports that the deal has been agreed. It quotes Willie Frazer, for it is he, as saying “part A of the deal has been confirmed, the compensation to the UK victims named on the writ”.
    He also says “we shall have to congratulate the government on the stance they are taking”.

    Now fast forward to 2015 and we have Willie Frazer, for it is he, foaming at the mouth and issuing threats to all and sundry.

    So I take it that the government aren’t to be congratulated then? I wonder what the victims lawyer, Jason McCue, has to say about this…..has he explained to the victims why this was settled in 2011 and why now in 2015 the case is no further forward? Like his friend Willie, Jason doesn’t like to answer questions. He especially doesn’t like to answer difficult questions about the Libya case…this from the man who expected to pocket a percentage of the victims settlement. Indeed if one casts a weary eye over the mccue law website, under the heading “legal highlights” one will see
    “McDonald -v- The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Colonel Muammar Qadhafi et al: Lead counsel representing the interests of victims of Provisional IRA (PIRA) bombings carried out with the support of the Gaddafi regime.”
    Quite! If this is a highlight i’d hate to see the bottom of the barrel!

    But Willie and Jason deserve to be celebrated, to go from the case being headline and front page news in 2009 and a deal struck in 2011 to today with Willie foaming at the mouth while packing his jotter and pencil to head for Libya shows a very high degree of ineptitude indeed. If there were awards for this there wouldn’t be enough gold on the planet to make a medal big enough.

    I sincerely hope that the victims, having reviewed the abysmal way in which this has been handled, will now go to the legal ombudsman to get answers out of Mr McCue. I also hope that BBC’s Spotlight will do a followup edition to their earlier piece on Libya that will expose the shoddy way this case was handled and the shoddy way the innocent victims have been treated.


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