PSNI no longer “personal ,professional, protective policing”?

Readers will know that I intend to walk through my experience with the state in respect of the murders of my parents.

Today, my exposition is the failure of the PSNI to properly relate to those who correspond with them.

It seems that “personal, professional, protective policing” has been replaced , on the 2015 letter heading , with “keeping people safe”. I wonder why?

I’m told that only two police stations Musgrave and Strand Road are open though the night, I wonder if this is correct?

Anyway, chronologically, here are the officers I have dealt with in my quest for justice for my parents. It is important to know that I always wrote to the Chief Constable, most of who couldn’t be arsed replying personally , except for Hugh!

ACC McQuillan

ACC Hunter

DI Blair

CC Hugh Orde!!!

ACC Kincaid

DS Stewart

ACC Harris

D Ch S Hanna

ACC Harris [again!]

ACC Kerr

I think I’m going backwards again.

The FOI response, promised last week on forensics , has not materialised.

Blog by blog I will take you through the swamp that is supposedly the investigation of terrorist activity in Northern Ireland. Thousands of other crimes are presumably dealt with in a similar fashion , while one of the architects, McGuinness, is DFM.

You will be unsurprised to learn that I have had no explanation from  the PSNI  about  their statement about Ed Moloney.

One thought on “PSNI no longer “personal ,professional, protective policing”?

  1. I wonder if these teflon dons have heard of “misconduct in public office”. No? Well let me educate them,
    a public officer acting as such
    wilfully neglects to perform his duty and/or wilfully misconducts himself
    to such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder
    without reasonable excuse or justification.
    So the PSNI have,
    1- Failed to address the issue of the blatant lies about having contacted Mr Moloney.
    2- Failed to provide the information they apparently based their opinion on the construct of ied’s on.
    3- Failed to properly consider the evidence against Martin ‘i’m not an informer’ McGuinness.

    Is the offence complete? I think so.

    It certainly seems to me that while junior PSNI officers are subject to intense scrutiny the same cannot be said for those at the top of the food chain who, when confronted with awkward facts, head for the hills, or more accurately, the golf club.

    The matter, to me, has been handled appallingly by the PSNI who have lied and obstructed and when their lies are exposed they bury their heads in the sand. A quick phonecall to the stasi…sorry…ombudsman and a letter to the newsletter or telegraph ought to motivate people. Certainly people like the rotund Mr Hamilton seem to gain remarkable clarity when the spotlight of the press is shone on them.


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