Grandpa McGuinness

On 7th january, oul Grandpa McGuinness, he of the folksy charm, tweeted “Today’s attack in Paris was appalling”.

This from a man who ordered many similar attacks. How many defenceless policemen did his comrades kill?

If you repeat a lie often enough..

Also, if the French Government is as brave as the British, it will already be negotiating with the terrorists.

Despite the demonstrations and the words, when the dust settles in Paris , the victims will be discarded by the state and will be left to the silence.

It will be interesting to assess French foreign policy in the coming months.

Meantime David Cameron is, in respect of toughness towards Islamic terrorists, [as they say in Texas] Big Hat no cattle.

One thought on “Grandpa McGuinness

  1. Anyone remember the McGuinness v Maguinness debate from around the time of the gfa? Martys excuse for joining the ira was that he couldn’t get a job at a bakery because only Protestants were employed……And just like all of the nonsense spouted by Gerry ‘ I wasn’t an informer…honest’ Adams it is of course half baked….How much would one get for working in a bakery? Probably not much…but how much would you get from being either top or one of the top guys in the ira? A lot! You have stupid and ignorant yanks giving money hand over fist to the likes of noraid…you have politicians such as the rotund terrorist apologist and all around scumbag Senator Peter King hosting fund raising events. And further down you have selling drugs, turning over cash in transit vans and robbing banks. And as if this isn’t hard enough to swallow we now have a situation where people like McGuinness are now paid vast sums by the state.
    And what about the victims of people like McGuinness? The families of the people murdered by people like McGuinness. The people who lost their sight or limbs because of people like McGuinness….For the vast majority there was no help from the state. These crimes have, mostly, remained unsolved. In some cases justice was deliberately denied in order to protect informers…not that i’m saying McGuinness was an informer….but i’m not saying he wasn’t an informer either. And just as shocking is the revelation that the PSNI have lied to the author of this blog….for what reason? Could they be protecting McGuinness? It certainly seems that way. Maybe McGuinness was right when he screamed and shouted about “political policing”?
    Ok so the state have failed the innocent victims…what then about civil actions? The one i’m most familiar with is the failed McDonald case that was to be brought in the U.S which Tony Blair had a hand in sabotaging….I would love to ask the victims legal team in this case a few questions because there are some things that I just can’t understand.
    1- Why was the case allowed to be dropped in the U.S? I certainly didn’t see any evidence that McCue or Motley Rice fought tooth and nail to ensure this case went forward.

    2- Why, 6 years after this
    do we have this
    What have the legal team and the British government been doing for 6 years? Not a lot is what it looks like!

    3- Why was Moussa Koussa, one of Gaddafi’s henchmen and one who was named on the victims writ, allowed to enter and leave the UK seemingly unmolested in 2011? Could the rumours that he was an MI6 double agent be true? In any case surely this is something McCue should have been all over like a rash? No? Oh just me then..ok

    4- Why have papers not been served on Tony Blair ala the revelation in 2014 that he personally brokered a deal that cut UK victims out of a compensation deal ?

    5- Why has Cameron not been publicly called out on his shameful betrayl of the victims?
    And yes I am well aware that Cameron sent Sir Kim Darroch to Libya in July of last year and……..what? Nothing, no press releases, nothing from the victims legal team….what did he do? Take in the sights?

    It certainly seems to me that if you bomb and murder the British government will fawn over you and shower you with gifts. If you happen to be one of the victims….well tough luck. The British government and the victims legal team ought to be held to account for the shocking was this case has been handled.
    And to end just one question for Mr McCue. Can you explain how in 2010 the Daily Mail reported this
    And yet here we are in 2015 and the victims haven’t seen one single penny….well I mean the UK victims. The U.S victims have seen many many pennies, but I digress. Blair betrayed the victims, as did Brown. Cameron talked a good game when he was in opposition but quickly did a 180 when he sat in the big seat. There is an election in May and it is my sincere hope that all those who have ignored and betrayed the victims (politicians local and national as well as….others) will be named and shamed. I also hope that the victims do something about their legal team as to go from front page/top story news in 2009 to a side column in the East London Advertiser in 2014/15 shows world class ineptitude.


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