Jim Gamble, an open letter

Dear Jim

You have devoted yourself for many years to combatting sexual abuse.

I wonder what your view is on the Hart Inquiry in Banbridge and the wider issue of anonymous hackers posting allegations against alleged abusers?

The Hart inquiry forbids the publishing of names of people who have been named by alleged victims, if that alleged perpetrator has no criminal record. So, an MLA has so far not been named. The same criteria would have allowed Jimmy Saville to go unnamed. Are you happy with that?

It also is inhibited by statute from any investigation into non devolved matters. What is your view on that?

I know one high profile victim of Kincora. He is an intelligent and deeply damaged man.

The proclivities that drive men to carry out abuse are extant. Where do they get their release now and what are we doing about it?

You know that one of the tools of investigators is to have a name published so that other victims can come forward.

Another worrying issue, nationally, is that many famous people are not named until they are dead. It suggests that the state is complicit in this.

Do you depend for much of your work from the public purse and, if so ,  do you feel that you are in  any way inhibited by this? I refer to your recent quoted criticism of anonymous hackers.

Best wishes