Mike Jackson

General Mike Jackson, the narcissistic  former Para, [ plastic surgery; eye bags, teeth and who knows what else?] “salutes Charles’ ‘bravery'”

I can’t see the B word in the Belfast Telegraph Article but fact  has never stopped a good BT headline.

Jackson is , of course an establishment figure , busy on the after dinner circuit , defending the indefensible British Army cock ups of the last twenty years. Pretending that we are a big player on the world stage when the US Marine Corps is larger  than all the UK armed forces, put together.

The problem is that someone in the NIO thinks that if enough of these chinless wonders are put up to bolster a failing state, the masses will be impressed.

Jackson thinks that there has been a “transformation” in the region. Shows you how much he knows.

Two hundred years ago he would have led the Dragoons which rode down the peasants. Come to think of it, he was a Para Captain at Bloody Sunday……