The bully we have all known

He, for it almost always was a ‘he’ , had a scowl. Usually small and scrawny, he would approach and make a threat, in the playground. You knew that he was pretty stupid, bottom of the class and came from a bad background. He frequently told lies about other boys and tried to ingratiate himself with the teacher.

He usually had a couple of even more scrawny and stupid mates in tow.

He pointed to them as his enforcers.

He wanted your Wagon Wheel or some other item that he could not afford.

He told you that if you didn’t give him what he wanted “it would be a huge mistake”. A few boys had been beaten up.

Many people gave in , until a boy, empowered by his father, punched him on the nose [I have been that father]

Then no more was heard from the bully.

Why  am I thinking of Martin McGuinness?