Wee Jeffrey and the arabs

Jeffrey Donaldson was appointed Her Majesty’s Trade envoy to Egypt in November 2015. According to the press reports at the time he was gushing about the opportunities for NI trade. He said ” I have already been in touch with Invest NI about taking a NI trade delegation to Egypt next year.”

Invest NI tell me that they have had no contact with the Egyptian authorities nor do they have any plans for a trade mission to Egypt.

Egypt is a country with dubious attitudes to FGM , homosexuality and other human rights

Subsequently, Cameron gave wee Jeff a knighthood  as well, probably for , as chief whip of the DUP, delivering the party to the Tories when it mattered.

The DUP general election manifesto had assured the faithful that the DUP would not align itself with any Westminster party.

It is said that the people get the politicians they deserve.

It is certainly true in Jeffrey’s case.