ECW Names Kolakowski as New Chief Historian

Congratulations CK. Much talk of what you do “by day” short on your nocturnal activities…..

Emerging Civil War

Kolakowski_ChrisEmerging Civil War (ECW) has chosen historian Christopher Kolakowski to serve as the organization’s next chief historian.

Kolakowski, who has been with ECW since May 2013, is the author of several books and, on the ECW blog, of a popular series called “Civil War Echoes.” He also currently serves on ECW’s editorial board and management team. By day, Kolakowski serves as director of the General Douglas MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Virginia.

“Chris remains a World War II guy by day, overseeing what essentially amounts to a presidential library, considering MacArthur’s role in post-war reconstruction in the Pacific,” explains Chris Mackowski, ECW’s editor in chief, “but Chris remains a Civil War guy at heart. That’s where he cut his teeth, and that’s where he continues to return when the Second World War lets him. Best of all, he sees the clear connections and resonances between the two, which continue to echo…

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One thought on “ECW Names Kolakowski as New Chief Historian

  1. A lot of times after you meet someone or their body of work you walk away with an aurora about them, but then this time passes for one reason or another such as making a minor mistake and you think to yourself well “they’re not perfect after all.” After all it’s Human Nature to build people up just to tear them down. But you’ll be very hard-pressed to find dr. Chris making any mistakes, let alone of the serious variety. His knowledge and all things civil war from the time I started studying it 6 years ago absolutely blew me away. I have nothing but admiration not only for the man but for his work affect. Then I found as busy as he was he still takes time to worship on Sundays, well I absolutely do not judge people one way or the other for what they choose to do to address not only their spirituality but their families. Now I find out that for all intensive purposes he’s the chief historian of a Presidential Library. Yes, yes, I know MacArthur was not president but between leading the war in the Pacific when everyone who studies the conflict knows any Machinery that was quality, any machine or anything found they needed more of in the Europe they got, and they also had their allies in Europe. Also MacArthur was in charge of rebuilding the Pacific and fighting yet another war in Korea. Quite a fantastic resume. So I’m really proud of you Chris to work the way you do so that those in the Next Generation can get an understanding of what when on during that timeframe. Many historians in fact any historian worth his grain of salt can draw a straight line from the so-called Versailles Peace Treaty and the Second World War. Dr. Chris has managed do it from the American Civil War the first modern ( balloons in the sky, railroads, Telegraph, and the most feared brutal carry over trench Warfare) War up through the Second World War, then of course MacArthur leading America in Korea which we know not only did we fight Koreans on the ground, we fought about 10 Chinese infantryman for everyone Korean communist infantryman and the Mig’s in the sky we’re not paid for nor flown by anyone but Soviet Union Air Force men. Your knowledge and work ethic really gives me something to look up to dr. Chris and I can’t say it enough, I’m really proud of you and happy holidays you really earned it sir


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