Historic Irish supreme court ruling worrying says Frazer

Frazer continues his plan of pointing the finger away from the British Government, in favour of blaming the ROI. The starting point for any atrocity is what the British State knew, RUC, MI5,  Army, etc. When that’s exhausted look elsewhere. But Wille’s job is to distract, is it not?

Kingsmills Inquest 2016

South Armagh victim’s campaigner William Frazer lambasts the Irish Government for their continued lack of cooperation in relation to the Kingsmills inquest.

Mr Frazer says “As of today the Irish Government have still not provided requested historic documentation which could be beneficial to the Kingsmills inquest or indeed offered any information in relation the one hundred and ten murders and attempted murders that were linked to the same murder gang who operated within South Armagh and were allowed to travel back and forth across the border with ease.

Their lack of cooperation is hardly surprising given the worrying sentiment of provisional support which was expressed by an Irish supreme court ruling in 1990 at the extradition hearing of Dermot Finucane and James Clarke. The majority of judges ruled that political exemption from extradition should apply to “Persons charged with politically motivated offences when the objective of such offences was to…

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