The Measure of Leaders

Chris Kolakowski’s excellent article, featuring one of the many notable Anglo Irish generals of the Second World War.

Emerging Civil War

GortLeaders are measured and tested every day—against metrics, accomplishments, standards, and values. To assume the mantle of command and its responsibilities at any level is important, and something that should not be taken lightly. Yet some leaders have in their hands the fate of their organizations, missions, and sometimes nations. They face decisions that they alone can make, sometimes very quickly, upon which success or failure, or even survival, turn. Those times test leaders and their moral courage, and how they react (or fail to react) depends upon the sum of their character, experience, and powers of judgment. Whether they rise to the occasion or fumble is an important measure of that leader.

We have two sterling examples of this moral courage, one from 75 years ago today, and one from 78 years before that.

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