My life in a banana republic:May

Jambo Jambo!

My thesis is looking good and I have a little time to digress.

Who is this fellow Gerry Adams?

Is he your Quentin Tarantino? He has certainly a good imagination.

I have researched him because he printed the word “nigger”.

I have been called a nigger. I said “honky” back. Many songs by black artists refer to “niggas”.

If this Adams fellow says “nigger”, whom does he offend? All the back people in the world? That would be strange, because he has only 112,000 followers and there are 37 million blacks in the USA, alone. Did anyone say that they were offended at his use of the word or was it just his [white] political enemies?

But back to this Gerry fellow. He is good at making things up, Dingle tells me. He said that not getting into the White House was like being at the back of the bus. This is a reference , apparently , to Rosa Parks. She was a nigger, a protestant and the grand daughter of a Scots Irish person. She had no beard. She did not espouse violence. As Mr Connolly said in a letter to the Irish Times, on 18th March , the only thing that he and Rosa have in common is that neither was in the IRA.

I have researched this point. Gerry must have been the street wimp. Also at St Finnian’s primary school. When his mates were playing at being rebels, was he looking at pictures of goats and dogs? Was he beaten up often for being the only non rebel in his class? When they said “yo, Ger, are you joinin’ the hood?” Did he say ,  he was training to pull a good pint and buy a trampoline?

This fellow played a big part in negotiations with the British. This does not happen if you are not a terrorist. Look at Cyprus and all the African countries. The British did deals with terrorists. Imagine the situation. “Hello Ambassador, I represent Bongo Bongo.” “Are you from the Bongo Bongo Peoples’ front?” “No”. “Well bugger off, I want to speak to a top a terrorist who can deliver something.”

I spoke to Dingle, who was vexed. He said that Gerry had claimed to be a founder of the Civil Rights movement. Dingle said that this was a lie. Dingle had stoned them at Buntollet and he is sure that Adams was not there. Perhaps he was tending the bar in Belfast.

However I am now seeing a pattern. All British colonies are handed over to terrorists. There is then great and lasting corruption. They then send emissaries to London and the Prime Minister, who had an offshore account, says that they are corrupt.

It is fortunate that the Peoples’ Front for the Liberation of Bongo Bongo received no Semtex from Gadafy. Then you would know! Niggas be up for it!

So, now I wonder if I should convert my masters into a doctorate? I am happy in the religious quarter of Belfast and now that the Great She Elephant has been proclaimed as leader, it might be interesting. No abortion, no gay marriage, the right to discriminate against gays, so many un-British things. I feel quite at home. I wonder where the DUP stand on FGM?

Jambo Jambo!


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