Lindsay Redpath

This woman lives in Donacloney. She is a “single parent” having had a son, Ben, young and out of wedlock. No opprobrium there…we have all made mistakes.

She is a social worker. She worked for the state and a private entity. She is also connected to Glentoran football club, oddly enough in some capacity re children.

She is dangerous. She is bonkers. She was all over me like a bad suit. I made the mistake of falling for her, though she was 30 years my junior.

She told me that her brother in law worked for MI5. He does. That put his life at risk.

Worse than that , she told me  the sexual details of a patient in a Lurgan GP practice where her mother worked. She said her mother had given her the information. The point was that this woman was then  a partner [ and now wife] of her former fiancee. She didn’t like that . Hell hath no fury…The GP practice covered it up with the connivance of the insurers, but mother retired soon thereafter. I hope your details are not there.

She told me that her fiancee demanded sex all the time and that is why she dumped him. She was telling me that while saying that she didn’t believe in sex before marriage….odd.

She and he were members of Emmanuel church in Lurgan, one of  those creepy sects that the area is prey to.

She told me that her next boyfriend was addicted to porn. She felt that she had to report him to the pastor of the church… yes, you have guessed it, the same one that produced the former boyfriend.

She then told me that she was suffering from a severe chest infection and a heart condition. She came to my house and read my messages on my phone. She is a dangerous woman , who puts herself about on social media , looking for the next boyfriend/victim.

None of the above was reported by the media in  my case by Paul Higgins, the only journalist present, even though there was no reporting  restriction and I gave evidence about it.

It’s the same restriction that failed to report that Ronnie Flanagan was a drunk  and an adulterer. No judgement on my part about that  [ I  have known him since I was 17] but why was his dangerous behaviour not in the public interest?

It didn’t suit the State.

Tell me where the noble profession of journalism was during the transition from RUC to PSNI, overseen by Flanagan, known as the “two Ronnies”.

Tell me where the public interest was in the failure to make public  the complainant in my case?

Tell me where journalists are alerting the public to a bunny boiler or to Ronnie?

The answer is that the State picks and chooses the victim  and the  press complies.

Usually the Irish News is in and about.

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