Who cares about victims?

While victims look for




something personal to themselves

the victims professionals, mostly cloistered within the Victims’ Commission, bicker amongst themselves. See Ann Travers’ frank assessment of her colleagues. To be fair, it must be difficult, as an ex RUC/UDR man to sit with Evelyn Glenholmes, but that is the task they chose.

Aside from bickering, it’s hard to see what they deliver for the 3,500 victims, aside from sound bites and platitudes.

Nothing will come from any of it , of course, because the State has a vested interest in keeping victims as quiet as possible , in order to appease SF/IRA.

The members of these organisations serve that purpose well. They strut and prance, taking photos of the ‘reserved’ place they have been given at a conference. While out in the real world Northern Ireland has an appalling suicide rate and a crisis with mental health.

You’ll travel far to find these issues foremost among the “Victimers”




One thought on “Who cares about victims?

  1. This whole business, the Libyan case, stinks to high heaven of corruption.

    The victims representatives, have either been bribed to remain silent, or are thoroughly useless.

    The victims legal team, have questions to answer.

    Lets look at the victims legal team, H2O law/McCue and Partners. Their mandate was to successfully prosecute the victims legal claim through the U.S courts, they failed. H2O Law and Motley Rice didn’t so much as raise an eyebrow when the victims legal claim was thrown out by a U.S judge. McCue Law haven’t so much as raised a squeak of protest in the last number of weeks as Tony Bliar wheeled out the same old lies. But what else have McCue law failed to do?
    1- They could and should have linked the case to them issue of Megrahi being released from a Scottish jail.
    2- They could and should have sought to have Moussa Koussa arrested and tried over his part in arming Sinn Fein/IRA.
    3- They could and should have linked the victims case to the issue of pardons for on the run terrorists.
    4- They could and should have called out David Cameron on his 180 visa vie helping the victims obtain compensation from Libya.
    5- They tell the victims (in their yearly update letter) that they will do XYZ, and then don’! (that must be where wee willie got it from)
    6- They tell the victims one thing, and then tell the NIASC something totally different.

    Even to a casual observer, the actions, or lack of, of Jason McCue et al smack of monumental incompetence. And I sincerely hope that the victims, those who are left after 10 years of cock up after cock up, will wake up and realise that the legal case is dead and has been since 2011. The NIASC was supposed to be, in the words of its chairman, a “quick little inquiry”, it will soon have been running for a year. And so far it has failed to get any meaningful answers out of Tony Bliar, but the fact that they didn’t question him is probably a small mercy when you consider that they handled Vincent Fean with kid gloves and failed to really press him for answers. Also, they have allowed themselves to be sidetracked , no doubt much to the delight of the FCO and the David Cameron government.
    It is high time that McCue accounted for his appalling handling of this case to the legal ombudsman.



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