Tony Blair and history

Blair once felt the hand of history on his shoulder. [Psychopaths often have such hallucinations]

That same hand has continued to re-write Tony’s role in Northern Ireland.

Last week he issued a statement from his opulent offices, paid for by nefarious world wide deals. It dealt with his role in the failure of victims of Libyan supplied Semtex to obtain compensation. Despite kissing Gadafy in a tent in the desert, he has denied that he had any role or influence over the settlement which Bush concluded with Gadafy. He is subject to the scrutiny of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, who have indicated that, if he does not be transparent with them , they may go to Washington D.C. to investigate further.

One ‘fact’ that Blair repeats , ad nauseum, is that we were not entitled , by law, to receive compensation.

Here is a recent example of this. “The decision by the US not to include British victims was , I believe , because they were precluded legally from such an action.”

We are used to weasel words from Blair, after all , he was the architect of the Good Friday Agreement, the biggest con of the twentieth century. He structured  the ‘on the runs’ arrangement and he established immunity from prosecution for Adams, McGuinness and Slab Murphy.

The fact is that the 160 claimants were able to sue Gadafy and others from the regime, under US Federal law. Lawyers were appointed in the UK and the USA. The non-US claimants were  legally “aliens” under the legislation. Proceedings were taken and responded to by the defendants in the US Federal Court. Each side was shaping up for a trial. What happened  next was that Bush intervened and passed an Act preventing Britons from obtaining compensation but facilitating payment to US citizens. The decision by Bush , to exclude Britons, came after the court hearings , the Act followed later. In that sense , we were legally  precluded from compensation.

Where was Blair in all of this? Out of office but in the desert. He has never been able to properly explain what  deal he was doing with Gadafy, which benefitted Americans but not Britons.

The answer could be , of course, that the UK had much to hide. After all, the Libyan deal for Semtex and arms was concluded between Gadafy , Moussa Koussa and other Libyans on the one hand and Slab Murphy, Gerry Adams , Martin McGuiness and other members of the Army council, on the other. Given Blair’s close connection with Sinn Fein/IRA and given the number of IRA  informants being run by the State, any probing into how it was that Libya admitted liability for its actions towards Americans but not Britons had the potential to be embarrassing.  One could hear Gadafy saying to Blair, in the tent after the snog , “I have given you the list of arms and explosives we gave Sinn Fein/IRA. I have told you how much money we gave them. I have told you who we did the deal with. Martin did the Enniskillen bomb as a thank you and revenge for the Yanks killing my daughter. What more do you need to know? Shall I tell who was an agent and what was the role of MI6?” This position is borne out by British Ministers telling the House of Commons that Gadafy had come in from the cold and had helped Britain in respect of the IRA . As far as the Foreign Office was concerned, the matter was closed.

Victims and survivors were only legally barred from payouts after Blair did the deal for Bush.

What was in it for Blair? Money, enough to impress Wendi Deng.  Contacts with states around the world. Adviser to many dubious regimes.

I hear someone saying “how can he sleep at night?”

Psychopaths sleep well.


2 thoughts on “Tony Blair and history

  1. Why oh why have we not heard the victims “legal team” in the media as of late? Surely it is their function to pounce on such untruths, as uttered by the Rt Hon Tony Bliar, and shake them as a bulldog might shake an expensive sandwich? Surely the victims “legal team” should be hot footing it to the nearest telephone or computer and issuing the most robust statement, condemning Bliars weasel words and factual inaccuracies?
    This leads me to ponder, how many missed opportunities have there been over the last decade or so?
    Moussa Koussa, pardons for OTR’s and the release of Megrahi are all prime examples of the victims “legal team” going out fur lunch when they should have been all over the media linking these, and other, events to the victims legal case.
    So, the question is, messrs McCue and Jury, what are you good for? Indeed, Mr McCue, he who once proclaimed “terrorism is a failed brand”, might want to reflect on that statement. For, as of 1 March 2016, the victims of IRA terrorism have received £0 and yet IRA terrorists have received £1.5 million from the taxpayer. I say, McCue Law is a failed brand.


  2. Here’s a thought, start a weekly series called “McCue watch”, that contains news items that McCue should be linking to the legal case against Libya…but isn’t. So far this month he hasn’t uttered a word about Tony Blair and his lies over the legal case in the U.S, or the revelation that Semtex was found in a republican arms cache in County Antrim.
    However, this article from the Belfast Telegraph regarding Semtex used in an under car bomb only a few days ago should be this weeks pick for news items that Jason McCue (the victims reclusive lawyer) should be all over, but isn’t……I really should learn how to manage my expectations…..


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