Apex credit management

This entity is appointed by HMRC, you and me, to pursue debts.

The VAT bit of HMRC has asserted , for several years, that I owe them £2773.78.

Despite many requests by my accountant,  and by me , HMRC cannot demonstrate how this sum is due, in fact they refuse to provide any calculation.

They passed it to this organisation who has  rung me many times. I have tried to use humour in my dealings with them, suggesting that if I had taken my car to the garage, the owner would have given me a detailed bill.

All to no avail. I was rung, late the other evening , by a young man who raised his voice and suggested that it was I who  should prove that I didn’t owe the money.

He got both barrels and a request that they do not ring me again.

What harm must these ghastly people wreak on older and more vulnerable citizens?

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