Cameron, the International Toad

Once again, British  [and other] citizens have been killed by Islamic terrorists.

Leaving aside the valid  counter argument that we have killed an awful lot of Muslims in the last fifteen years, let’s look at what happens next.

Wheel out the platitudes!

“I say Rupert , old man, dust off that ‘they won’t succeed’ speech, for Dave”

“the 1972 version?”

“Yes, obviously, with the names changed, again.”

Puffed up Toad of Toad Hall was big on talk when it came to the weasels but he had to be rescued by Badger , Mole and Rat.

Let me translate Dave’s words for you.

“we will defeat the terrorists”= “we are currently in talks with them , offering all sorts of incentives, if only they would stop”

“these terrorists will not succeed”= “my officials will invite them to Chequers”

“there is no place for these Islamist extremists in the modern world”= “OTR letter, Royal Pardon, Abdul?”

Anybody who has had dealings with the Cameron Government over the last five years knows what a liar he is. For example ,he promised that Sir Kim Darroch would negotiate on behalf of the Libyan victims but Sir Kim, properly, told me that that was not the brief that he had been given.

The fact is that the British Foreign Office is a mealy mouthed pathetic excuse for an organisation which fails to represent British Interests. On this Armed Forces Day I’m sure that most veterans would not disagree.

Dave/Toad will do nothing much, except bluster.  He will rely on stronger friends to wield the cudgels on the weasels.

One thought on “Cameron, the International Toad

  1. Cameron is a weasel but surely the true villain of the piece is Sir Jason of McCue. He who in 2009 ‘outed’ his mate Gordon Brown for his shoddy treatment of the victims. And yet today in 2015 has slunk back into the shadows and has yet to utter a word about Camerons shameful treatment of the victims. A few possibilities spring to mind.
    1- Cameron must have dirt on him.
    2- ……

    Just as an aside, anyone remember Sami al-Saadi? He is the chap who sued the UKG back in 2012 for MI5’s part in handing him over to Gaddafi. The UKG very quickly settled the case for £2.2m. The writ against Libya was started around 2006 and nine years later…….nothing. Perhaps the victims would be better suing the British government….or even suing Tony Blair… know….the guy Lord McCue threatened to sue back in January 2014 but then…didn’t…

    I am reminded of the article in Exaro from 2011 that stated the Libya case was settled. It is now June 2015. The victims haven’t seen a penny and yet Mr McCue has the gall to list the Libya case on his website under the heading “legal highlights”.
    If I were one of the victims, one of the few remaining victims who haven’t died of old age that is, I would be reporting Lord Jason of McCue to the legal ombudsman for his shockingly inept handling of this case. I would also be making enquiries into whether a lawyer in a high profile case such as this comes within the definition for the offence of misconduct in public office…..and then making my dispositions accordingly.
    Or the victims could sit back while more pointless articles appear in the Wharf and the East London Advertiser…


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