Nulla in mundo pax

Twenty five years ago this morning my parents were laid to rest after a service in St Matthew’s Parish Church. It was filled with their friends. Twenty five years on, what is their legacy , if any?

EDUCATION Deeply segregated on every level and on all fronts except for a small number of schools,BRA, MCB.

HEALTH As my friend , Colin said, you have to deal with everything else, then you go to A/E , lie on a trolley and die.

ECONOMY A joke. Talked up by OFMDFM. Look at empty shops in every town centre. There has been little improvement in productivity in twenty years and we don’t pay our way.

JUSTICE Another bad joke with a DPP who , because of his past with Republicans can’t participate in major decisions. Would make a banana republic look healthy.

HUMAN RIGHTS We are a laughing stock. Cakes, abortion, gay rights. The backwater of the world. Much of it due to Ulster women who are still largely subservient.

BUT! We produce Game of Thrones, which reflects Ulster values, rape , pillage, murder, treachery and the general demeaning of women. No wonder Peter and Marty love it.

MEANWHILE We rejoice in the opening of a consulate for a country which executes thousands of people every year. No, not the USA, China!

We have roughly the same population as Hampshire, though a smaller economy. Despite that we have a central government, a local government and a separate judiciary. Imagine a Lord Chief Justice of Hampshire?

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