The House of Windsor and terrorists

The Duke of Windsor shook hands with Hitler.

So I don’t see what all the fuss is about re Adams.

The Monarchy has always been pragmatic both for its  own and the establishment’s interests.

Seamus Tracey refused to swear an oath to Her Majesty to  become a silk. Her Majesty is now pleased that he is one of her Judges, having sworn fealty.

Nothing is ever as it seems……

2 thoughts on “The House of Windsor and terrorists

  1. The Duke of Windsor had Nazi sympathies, Sir James was an Irish Nationalist, Charles’ ‘Uncle Dickie’ was killed by an Army Council of which GA was a member. Not quite like for like.


  2. “Army Council”, ah there’s nothing quite like adding a degree of legitimacy to a terrorist organisation.

    Being a reader of this blog I am curious as to whether the PSNI ever contacted Mr Moloney visa vie obtaining evidence to make sure the vermin who murdered your parents are caught and locked up. Perhaps Mr Moloney could comment as to whether he is willing to to the decent thing….


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