A prominent rapist died today

The murder of “Jock” Davison, while hardly the saddest thing to happen this year, exposes again the double think in this society.

Despite being a terrorist, a member of northern command and no doubt a multiple murderer the Belfast Telegraph described him as “a former IRA ‘OC’ for Belfast and the BBC “the prominent republican”. You would have to look hard to find him described as a terrorist or a murderer.

Imagine a headline “Joe Bloggs, the well known rapist and child molester died today”.

Imagine the howls of outrage from the Sisters, Liberals and others, wanting to know why Joe had not been ‘brought to justice’.

The point is that Northern Ireland’s “free press” is in thrall to the Northern Ireland Office. Giving the Shinners a kicking via Mairia Cahill is good for the establishment , particularly in  Dublin but don’t mention the war.

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