Jimmy Greaves

What footballing  boy, in the 1960s, before George Best appeared, did not want to be Greaves in his local game?

Greaves did not play in the World Cup final. His non selection was controversial . More so when Hurst scored three.

One is reminded of Ecclesiastes Chapter 9 verse 11.

Bernard Montgomery , regarded as the greatest British General of the Second World War [among all the Irish generals of that war] was not the first pick for the Eighth  Army . General Gott was first choice, even of Brooke, a fellow Mick. Gott was killed in an air crash. The rest is history.

One is remind also of the Elegy.

“Some mute inglorious Milton here may rest

Some Cromwell guiltless of his country’s blood”

To paraphrase. Anyone could be Lord Chief Justice. It just depends on time and chance.

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