Investigation of alleged informers is a triumph of hope over expectation

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The Ombudsman of the PSNI has announced an investigation into the murder by the IRA of alleged informers. Just to add balance to the job of apportioning blame to these heinous crimes, the Historical Investigations Directorate is quick to point out that as part of this investigation they will also be enquiring into the possibility of collusion in at least 20 such murders by the British security forces. If this all sounds so absurdly familiar, you would be right. Guess who the Directorate have put forward as their number one suspect for such collusion? Yes, you’ve guessed it. None other than Freddie “Stakeknife” Scappaticci.

Scappaticci of course has been involved in a long running battle with the authorities ever since the Stevens Enquiry requested the pleasure of his company back in 2007 to discuss the very same matter. As is common knowledge, he has always denied being Stakeknife but Scappaticci cannot avoid being hauled…

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