Mairia Cahill-Spring offensive

Quite out of the blue the other day, she contacted me via Facebook messenger. She suggested that I had written ‘horrible blogs’ about her.

Puzzled by this , given that I have written nothing about her for six months and suspecting Republican journalism, I asked for particulars. I even re-read my blogs, which were factual.

My blogs were ‘out of order’. ‘I was raped . And abused. As were other children…I didn’t make myself a public figure’ This was somewhat startling. Some of these allegations were new to me.I suggested, in order to de-fuse things, that she might be having a bad day and I thanked her for her insight.

Undaunted, she replied “if you continue to write in the vein you have , I’m going to the police.[The venue was not specified]

What can the reader deduce from this contact , which has ceased since I suggested that her messages might themselves be harassment?

1. She is a sad figure, who believes her own publicity. Mostly concocted by others to beat up SF/PIRA. [see DUP, HMG, FG]

2. She may well have been the subject of crime for which the perpetrators, her erstwhile Republican buddies, have escaped justice.

3.She is intimately related to the inner circle of Republicanism.

4. She would have given little thought [and made no mention] re the murder of my parents.

5. She thinks that she is ‘ the girl in the big picture’.

6. Interestingly, she told me that she was willing to give evidence against her alleged rapist but that the prosecution pulled the plug.

But let’s suspend judgement till we hear from Kier, who is currently on the hustings for Labour.

I am told , by the way , that she has issued similar threats to others, some of whom have contacted the police.

Some might say that Republicans can never quite shrug off the iron fist of Franco and Hitler….

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