Seamus Treacy: The Belfast Judge From The Twilight Zone?

It used to be said that Equity varies with the length of the Vice-Chancellor’s foot…..

The Broken Elbow

Read these two stories and when you’re finished ask yourself if you have gone to sleep and woken up in the middle of a Twilight Zone script:

Sister of UVF victim loses dossier disclosure battle

16:50 Tuesday 14 April 2015 (Belfast News Letter)

The sister of a man murdered by loyalist paramilitaries on the streets of Belfast has lost her legal battle to secure disclosure of a full dossier on the shooting.
A High Court judge ruled that the Secretary of State was right to refuse to hand over all material gathered by an international body who examined Bobby Moffett’s “public execution”.
The victim’s sister, Irene Owens, wanted the information supplied to the coroner for an inquest into the killing.But Mr Justice Treacy pointed out how the now defunct Independent Monitoring Commission had operated on a confidential basis in order to protect its sources.He said: “Any decision other than that…

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