“Dealing with the past”

Much is being made of the idea that whilst no progress can be made on flags and marches, agreement has been reached “on the past”.

Of course, it is not the past. It is for thousands of people, their  present and their future. I am lucky. I have no physical scars or injuries. Thousands have. Many of us bear the scars in other ways.

So how can it be the past?

The answer is that it is a useful phrase for the DUP and SinnFein/IRA to deploy. It implies that the matter is not as important as the present or the future. Jobs, health, education, etcetera.

It connotes “get over it”.

Nor will it deal with the prosecution of people such as Martin McGuinness who directed the murder of so many people.

I have no notion of what might be suggested as an agreement on this between these two “warring” but avaricious parties.

It will be another shameful capitulation by the DUP .

Whatever it is , it will not be in the interests of those who are broken and maimed.

Mark my words.

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