McGuinness and others, the need to prosecute

When a “volunteer” attaches a bomb below a retired policeman’s car in Belfast, he [or she] is the last person in a chain that stretches back to PIRA  Northern Command and perhaps beyond. Volunteers did not go out and plant bombs on a whim. The police officer will have been targeted. The area will have been scouted and his movements monitored. Other Republicans, such as staff in hospitals, may have given vital information. The proposal to kill X will then be put up the chain and approved by the head of Northern Command, in 1990, McGuinness. The under car booby trap bomb will be made by one of a small group of people and authorisation given for it to be delivered to the active service unit who will be responsible for going out and placing it.

Each person in the chain is complicit in the eventual murder.

I have asked the Chief Constable a series of questions relating to the above scenario. So far he has declined to give me any meaningful  answers.

Soon I will set out the questions and readers may judge for themselves.

Too many victims have been fobbed off by the RUC, PSNI and HET with the excuse that there are “no evidential opportunities”. It all depends on where you look.

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