Courtroom comedy- Galloway v Frazer


This morning I was completely amazed by the application brought by Frank O’Donaghue QC on behalf of George Galloway.

He sought to have me removed as William Frazers legal advisor and cited blogs I had written which were critical of the justice system.
Quite what this has to do with representing someone in Court one will never know.

It appears that Mr O’Donaghue QC’s argument seemed to be that if you hold a particular political viewpoint that this bars you from assisting or working in any legal format. This of course is merely my interpretation of what was said in open court and I trust Mr O’Donaghue QC will quantify his objections and explain them in more detail at a later stage. I look forward to hearing them and in turn responding to them.

I find that it would be a completely baseless and a somewhat preposterous objection to continue…

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