McGuinness, the murderer

I first asked the DPP and the Chief Constable to make further enquiries into what I allege is the involvement of McGuinness in the murders of  my parents, in May this year.

After insufficient responses from the PSNI, I gave them one final opportunity to respond, before I set out here the allegations. That matter has been with the DCC, Harris, for several weeks.

Having undecided a decision he had made against me, Barra McGrory delegated responsibility , on 5th June, to his Senior Assistant Director, Stephen Herron. He promptly went on leave. On 12th September, Mr Herron promised me a reply “within two weeks”.

I am still waiting.

I suppose I have to join the queue behind the decision whether to prosecute Adams, the review of Adams in respect of his brother’s case and the review into the cases associated with Ms Cahill .

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