Diane Dodds

Readers may recall that this DUP MEP undertook to support my campaign for compensation for those killed or injured by PIRA semtex. I asked her to lobby the European Union for the release of a tiny fraction of the billions of pounds of frozen Libyan funds.

She agreed to help.

I have emailed her , asking for an update, on 25 September and 13 October, but no reply.

Those who voted for her might be interested in the subject matter of the ten written questions she is recorded by the EU  as having asked in the period August to September 2014.

Tackling the hyper-sexualisation of society

Securing a safe and transparent food chain

Compliance with the EU Industrial Emissions Directive

EU législation pertaining to VAT registration

Support for those fleeing the Islamic State on Turkish Border

Sustaining an acceptable working age

Preventing a rise in EU anti-Semitism

EU action against the Islamic State

Protection for minority faith groups in Iraq

Improving air safety in conflict zones

Impressive stuff you might think and all close to the hearts and interests of the ordinary NI citizen

Mrs Dodds has an interesting record re question asking. On 20th May 2014 the Belfast News Letter reported that at the mid point of the last EU parliament, she had asked just 39 questions. But by April 2014, as the election neared, “that number had soared to 437”. The paper went on –of the 437 questions 77% have been asked “since the start of last year”

One wonders what the DUP is good for.

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